Thank you all for your feedback and for you thoughtfulness and kindness!  It is very helpful and much appreciated. 

It is my wish that there are many, many people greatly benefited by what I can contribute and/or point to.

Again, thank you!

Keith, Thank you so much for doing this work. I spent several hours yesterday on the site and found it so laser focused and to the point that I am renewed and stimulated to take on some issues I have been failing to address. Also, I am amazed at the depth of what you have put together and spirit in which it is done. It is so inspiring. Thanks again

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for your efforts in creating LMA and 80/20Life. I downloaded all the pages available using a program called         , so in case you see an increase in visits, it's because of that app. I was afraid one day LMA and 80/20 would not be online. Toby

[Yes, alot of websites disappear, so I've set it up for these sites to continue on "forever", hopefully being added to and revised to higher and higher levels.]


I also want to tell you that the charts you sent where my conversation is on the left and yours on right is just was so very helpful and so very enlightened...

You deserve the Nobel Personal Growth prize...I suspect your name will be in lights one of these days.

You have done a magnificent job linking so many thoughts and strategies together - this is a brilliant piece of work.  It is amazing actually.


I poked around on your site some more, stayed up way too late doing it, but I was delighted and grateful and inspired. I downloaded a few of the relationship documents
Even if nothing else develops, your website and the links you've turned me on to are affecting me profoundly, and are exquisitely synchronistic and catalytic. I am very grateful for what you've touched in me, and the resources you have offered.
Blessings and profound gratitude for your part in my rapidly expanding life experience.

Subject: The Life Management Alliance


Hi Keith, I m from Mumbai, India. I have been using your website for more than 3 months. It's a super human effort that you have put in. How many years has it taken you ? It surely cannot be a work of One Life Time :). My intention of writing this letter is to Acknowlege you and to request you to keep up your good work. Please don't hesitate if you need any support from our land. Regards,

I've just finished watching Tony Robbins, via You Tube, and in 18 installments.


Thanks for the hook up.
In a separate blog (

I would like to create some sort of “Life Management Notebook” or something like that. Maybe a binder or something. I’ve thought of doing something like this before but have gotten more interested in actually doing one recently after reading some stuff on The Life Management Alliance.
One thing that really hit me as a gap in my own life is that I don’t guess I have actually worked out my own “Life Philosophy”. To me, this is a little different than a mission statement, but I started doing searches to see if I could find some kind of comparative summary of different life philosophies. I couldn’t find one. It’s something I want to learn more about. Anyone have anything to share on this?
Here are a couple of links 365 Thought Provoking Questions
How to Find Yourself
A Free Ebook I found
From WikiHow How to Form a Philosophy
The best link I’ve found so far is probably Establishing A Strong Life Philosophy which is on the Life Management Alliance page itself.
Kahunakeith as he was once known here on bmindful has a superb site. And the notebook is something I love. Doing such an activity brings light to all you are doing and all you are. He says his many pages are simply suggestions. I’ve tweeked it to fit my stuff, but I can’t deny I got a lot of wonderful focus from his ideas. I’m quite grateful.

Thank you for your helpful web site. I own a number of Barksdale audio cassettes. I am missing a number. If I convert them to mp3's are you interested in adding them to your site. Do you possess audios I might miss?

I wanted to make sure you got my feedback re your site. 

It is tremendous!
I would love to hear more about you(:

(About an "incidental" page I included on what I learned from a personal experience):

I have continued to explore your site and had a wonderful experience using it with my 12 year old daughter last night. She has been fighting a cough and sinus condition for 3 weeks and not making progress even on antibiotics. I read through your section on cough, sinus issues..... and told her I think the secondary problems you refer to are why she's not getting better. I told her we would put her on a program starting last night to use steam and saline solutions and honey tea to clear out her sinus and chest as best we could and we would repeat it every few hours. I then told her I would let her stay home from school as she requested but for the purpose of continuing the cleaning process. She agreed and by mid morning today she said she was feeling well enough and wanted to go into school late. What a blessing - not just that she went to school by her choice but that she learned she could actually take responsibility for contributing to healing herself.
As for me I started with your section on weight - I am 300 lbs and in bad health from a lifetime of food addiction. I started walking 30-60 minutes a day but have been stalled in putting together the rest of the plan and paperwork. I see that the ''perspectivizing'' you refer to is needed in my case to address many side issues that have contributed to my not addressing the addiction before.
I glanced at the Willpower Instinct book you refer to on amazon. I see your interest in it - I had very much appreciated your wrtie up that failure to address weight loss in the past is not an issue of will, but of not having the knowledge needed and an adequate plan. This has been a much healthier way for me to view my past failures and future possibilities.
My background: I went through both EST and Landmark although all these years later I see my relationship with the material has been at the level Erhard referred to as 'the booby prize' ie keeping it intellectual. Since reviewing your site I am daily challenging judgementalness, right/wrong thinking and blame thinking that arises which is almost non stop in my case. I see an effective change in this area would effect great change in my life.