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A VERY PROACTIVE USER (See Learning And Implementation Programs And Plans page.)

Hello Keith,

I am on Day 20 of MegaLiving.
I thought you should know that without your recommendations, I would not have today, the starting of something significant.
Your website, The Life Management Alliance, is a treasure trove of self exploration.
At first glance it can be overwhelming to get started, but the 15 day Implementation Program is a great primer.
I only wish I could go faster, and learn more, to apply sooner.
Thank you very much for your hard work in laying out this smooth path.

Hello Keith,

About two weeks ago, I finished up MegaLiving and began Tony Robbins 30 Day to Personal Power.
Today, on Day 15, the lesson is on personal rituals.
Everyday I read aloud your essay entitled, "My Daily Reading."
Thank you for making it available and allowing me to step into these easy shoes.

Hello Keith,

I am finishing up Day 26 of the Tony Robbins Personal Power II .

I gotta share with you that without your suggestion to listen to these lectures, I would have been wallowing in my incomplete cycles of half dones, should have dones, and could have dones.

Thanks for the tip.


Hello Keith.

A couple of weeks ago, I agreed to apply The Life Improvement Journal and report my results.

Some background info:  [I removed the specifics, but it was a concise 4 line description.)

I applied myself to the task of discovering my negative behavior.
Up until then, I never addressed "the issue."

I began with the two column format: "What happened?" and "What could I have done differently and/or what have I learned?"

Next I answered recommended follow up questions,

"What undesired result did I get?

Is there a story?  What Happened, actually (what's so, what's next?)?

How could I have been cause in the matter?
Is this lack of a desired effect due to a racket?  
Apply the breakdown/breakthrough format? 
What can I learn from this?
What beliefs could have contributed to this?  Are they true, absolutely true?  

See The Truth Test.     

What belief can I correct now?  (See Dealing With And Changing Beliefs.)

The process worked like melted snow on a hot tin roof.
I assessed several past "failed relationships" and gleaned important but overlooked nuggets of gold.

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