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Spend your time up front to I.D. what is most effective - and that time will be the best time with the highest payoff of anything you can do in life.  This is part of Living The 80/20 Life. 

With no fault meant, I observe that most of us are living in a small box, down in the corner of a vastness of what is actually possible (while maintaining one's happiness balance of course). 

We don't see what would cause us to be vastly more effective in getting what we want out of life, mainly because we don't study and learn the wisdom that it takes to make the right choices in life - and all the techniques and tools that permit us to be vastly more effective, happier, and fulfilled in life.

When one's eyes are open to the possibilities and when one has perspective, having solved fear's limiting barriers, one can see a plentitude of what we really, really have.   (Read How Much Is Enough?)

I would recommend that you watch the video in Positive Progress Far Beyond Our Dreams And Needs

You would see that much more is possible for you if your knew how the brain actually works and that therefore you can change what are caused beliefs, which means that you could get to a place called fearlessness (where you fear mechanism is still working but you're not holding onto any fears or anxieties), with your body taken care of so you have plenty of energy, where you took "breaks" as needed to "rejuvenate" and center, then you built the key skills - then you would know no bounds (at least you won't run into them) in how happy you could be and how much you could leverage yourself to get spectacular results.  You can be an 80/20 Person, living in ease and grace, doing that which is most important, building true effectiveness, and going through the day with virtually no stress, plus... (see the description on the linked page).

All you need do is the the items listed in The 80/20 Most Important Few.


Link to these individuals' stories on the page Bad Past, Good Life:

Nick Vujicic:  "No arms, no legs, no limits."
W. Mitchell:  Burnt, scarred, disabled, limitless
Helen Keller: Deaf, dumb, blind, yet one of the greats See Helen Keller On Optimism.
Patrick Henry Hughes: "I am potential" - Born with a rare genetic disorder: arms that could not straighten; legs that would never be able to walk, and permanent blindness - born with no eyes.  Declaring "I am potential", he defies his disabilities at every turn.
Dave Pelzer: Author of A Child Called It; incredible abused.
Stepen Hawking - Complete muscle degeneration disease (Lou Gehrig's disease), yet a famous scientist and author.

and more...

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A realistic you:

Living The 80/20 Life 

For perspective:

How Much Is Enough?)

Positive Progress Far Beyond Our Dreams And Needs - Watch the video, for perspective. 

Super-Ideas For The Future - Of the world and of lives.