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Procrastination problems
Breaking my schedule
Conversation around "not doing something right now"


There's the mechanics in physical terms but also there's mechanics in psychological terms, in a sense.  The mechanics for the latter involve automatizing behaviors (habits) and making decisions ahead of time (with full clarity on the value to be derived). 

When these are invested in, clarity of what to do overrides vagueness and takes away the need to make a decision at the time.  One just does it.  To learn this, delve into relevant links in Habits, Willpower, Discipline, Self-Control Contents/Links.

Handling these is part of "growing up" and being more effective in life, instead of letting obsolete old recordings from the mind pop up to rule one's life.  Though this seems to be in the "being objective" area, it actually is a full part of the core of good psychological management. 


Unless there is an emergency, my organization and my being caught up should be a priority, but I somehow do not have the value of it fully clear in my mind.
I need to spend the time to get someone to delegate to.
If it takes below 5 minutes, I do it now, period, for it feels good to see it done and/or to
     see things in good order.
"I am committed to have all things done and/or scheduled to be done, so that I am fully in charge, feeling good about doing all I can and about operating rightly.  This is the way to run my life for the best, and I do it, consistently and strongly."  

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It's easy not to keep my schedule, to let myself be distracted, but in the end it makes things more difficult and not feel so good if the ease of distraction causes me not to be on top of things and fully in charge of my life, fully complete on what I need to be complete about.

"I decide my schedule while I am in my higher mind and I rely on that wisdom to run my life and my schedule.  I do what I put on my schedule, and I see that it is a commitment - and that I need to practice my commitments to strengthen the habit of keeping commitments, of staying in integrity, of creating discipline that is automatic and easy."

"Following my decisions on what to do when is the core of what makes things work in life.  As such, I highly, highly value it.  And I do it."

Conversation around not doing something right now

Some of my "internal records" pop up, influencing me.

"It's hard now."

No, it isn't any harder right now than it will be later. 
Do it now and I won't have to have it on my mind as an incomplete - and I won't have any basis to criticize myself.
In fact, most things are actually easy to to.  It's easy to simply do what is next and to be finished with it. 

"I need to do something else.  Something else is drawing me."

Unless it's an emergency, I don't need to do something else. 
Yes, I can have a vague feeling of anxiety about wanting to close a gap in something, but it won't make any difference if I wait a few more minutes.  Besides that, the anxiety is probably not accurate.  "I need not solve any vague anxiety feeling, as it is an inaccurate indicator.  I look at it and see if there is any urgency and reality to it - if not, then I ignore it.  I remind myself 'I am calm.  I am peaceful.' and then I simply do what I need to."

"There's no time for it."

If in fact that is true,  then I will simply do it later.  However, I know that it is something I need to do some time, it is something I have chosen to put into my life so I need to handle it at some time.  If I handle it now, then it is out of the way.  It is no problem to start on other things a few minutes later.  And it feels good to have something done. 

I remember to applaud myself every time I "do it now."   "Yeah, Keith! Way to go!"  And maybe I add a little jig to it or do a Tony Robbins' "Yeeeeeeeessssssss!"


The cost of not being organized ("doing it later", "being whimsical", "depriving myself by doing it now") is that it looks bad to me, it is harder to find things, and I don't really feel on top of things. 

My commitments related to time

I plan and schedule ahead to time, each week and each day, putting in what I believe is best.  I know it is best to do this and to be fully in charge of my life. I do not proceed until I have it laid out on purpose, so that life is as I thoughtfully plan it to be!

I follow my schedule religiously as it is "the path" to getting done what is important - and to freeing me up with extra space for myself, plus freeing up my mind!

I keep myself organized, with a place for each thing (being thoughtful about it), so that I am fully in charge and effective and efficient. 

Location:  I put this in My Current Operating/Planning Notebook,  for reference when I need to get myself back on track.  


Do Short Term Duration "To Do's" Right Now! And Save Lots Of Time, Effort, And Psychological Costs


Time Productivity

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