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This is similar and may even cause overwhelm, so read Formula For Overwhelm.

A concern here is that there is often a negative conversation that is a real psychological downer.

List down everything you have to do (yes, you need to take some time to do this, but it'll actually save time ultimately) 
Acknowledge and accept the reality that this happens as part of life.
    And that you are just human

The psychology of it can include the sentence "how will I ever handle this" but there is also an implicit conversation saying that not being able to do all of these is a threat to my survival.

How am I going to do this?

There's too much to do.

Too many problems, I have to solve these right away.

Not enough time for fun, to relax.

It's getting in the way of the stuff I want to make progress in and that is such a drag.

I am blessed by having all of these opportunities and yes problems don't all come up in an orderly way,  that's just life, so what. 

I'm still fine at the base.   My core is intact and invulnerable. 

There is no legitimate reason to expect that this will not happen or shouldn't happen.  I am misinterpreting my vulnerability here.  I have plenty of time to do what is necessary for the basics and the rest is all optional and doesn't really matter, when I see the perspective.  And I need to dole out to myself plenty of self-care and rejuvenation, including some R & R, even if only for a short period.

If something is not actually achieve (i.e. you fail to get the result), it is not the end of the world, nor is it actually significant in life.

An inconvenience is no big deal but we  tend to make it into a big deal.  It isn't!!!!


With the life we have, how the heck could we ask for more or not appreciate how greatthings are. wishing for it to be beter is ludicrous,  see Expectations. 

See the references to articles around time.

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