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Imagine living an inspired life every day!  Accept nothing less!



Grounding, Centering, Empowering Myself And Others Contents/Links

Resources For Success - Link into the materials from these success/life leaders.


Dr. Laura radio (find her channel), also YouTube (dump the silly criticisms of her)
PEOPLE! - Heroes, Admired People, Inspiring People (to learn from, emulate, etc.)
Inspiring Life Intentions, Purposes, Missions

Models/Examples - The Person Living Life As It Should Be Lived

MUSIC - Inspiring, to uplift you whenever you like (a number of direct links)

Incredibly Romantic, Touching Movies And Songs    MUSIC - See Inspiring Music
VIDEOS! - That are inspiring and useful.

Watching inspiring movies can not only inspire, but they can also change the tone of your conversation and thinking, and, over time, will actually begin to develop new "circuits" in the brain (see Mind Management for scientific verification).

Also consider Individual Movies That Are Inspiring and Movies Of Great Value

10 Powerful And Inspiring Graduation Speeches  
  - See Inspiring Videos 


WEBSITES - For inspiring people, poems, sayings and quotes, inspirational slide shows, etc.  Use these well! 


Serenity Prayer - Modified - A modification of the full Serenity Prayer, "upgrading" it.
We Are Given Much...And There Is Even More We Can Create - I Write This In Full
   Gratitude - So much that we are given, yet ...
Desiderata - A great reminder, with comments and references what to read to implement the points of Desiderata and to be able to "go placidly amid the noise and the haste..."
We Are Powerful Beyond Measure - Part of Nelson Mandela's inauguration speech - and so incredibly true!!!  Worthwhile framing.
I Am Human - And that by itself is great and enough...and here is what I'll be grateful  for in my life...and how I'll live fully...
Some Of My Favorite Quotations - Some of the favorites from the quotes I've run across.

READING FOR INSPIRATION! - Read these for quick reads to raise mood, etc., and others for the deep,  longer term inspiration that lasts forever!  Plus the quick summaries are very useful - and quck! 


I Could Be A Hero, Too - A musing about the idealized concepts and expectations of
ourselves, versus how we can really be a hero in another sense.

It is our intent to help people find people they can "copy" in many respects (model themselves after).  We intend to video tape well-known figures who are highly respected talking about the values and the triumphs they have achieved throught the
application of sound principles and practices. For instance:

The Person Living Life As It Should Be Lived


My Victory For Life - Quasipoetry about the emergence of one person into seeing through
false fears and becoming the true master of his life and happiness.


Enjoy The Ride (Life) - Exceptionally excellent collection of wise advice with well-selected
pictures and music.   The Words to Enjoy The Ride

(Free PowerPoint Reader download:  If you don't have Power Point on your computer, download this.)

TOOLS - See the references to transformative learning, as there is plenty of evidence that this has opened people up to inspiration at a level they had never experienced before.

Check out as a possibility taking Vision Force 101, at  Listen to the one hour interview at in order to see if going any further than that fits you.

Instant Reference For Spare Moments - Videos, sites, reading - to replace idle time-users and add to your life!