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Thinking creates an image.
Images control feelings.
Feelings cause actions.
Actions create results.

                                       Leland Val Vandewall, as quoted by Bob Proctor
                                       (One must accept this truism in order to make progress.)

Everything is based on mind, is led by mind, is fashioned by mind. If you speak and act with a polluted mind, suffering will follow you, as the wheels of the oxcart follow the footsteps of the ox. Everything is based on mind, is led by mind, is fashioned by mind. If you speak and act with a pure mind, happiness will follow you, as a shadow clings to a form.


You're nuts if you don't learn to manage the mind!   Of course, being "nuts" is pretty much defined as having an unmanaged mind.  Therefore, it seems the question is only "how nuts do you choose to be?"  (I recommend as little as possible!)

                                       The BuddhaKahuna

The mind is its own place, and in itself, can make heaven of Hell, and a hell of Heaven.

                                       John Milton

Now, let's get on to creating a heaven of life....


Much of what is on this website is oriented toward supporting the management of the mind and/or feeding it good stuff.  All of the sections in Psychology contribute to that end and have pieces relevant to the process of managing the mind, but in "doable" actions so that no management training is needed.  The Affirmations/Empowerment and  Reminding/Inspiring/Grounding sections have materials that are directly related.  The Confidence/Self-Esteem section can make a huge difference, as it sets up certain ways of viewing the world.  See the navigation bars to the right. 

The keys lie in managing The Essential Parts Of The Mind Management Process
(click on this, to see more detail and link into those relevant sections).  In quick summary they are, in orderr of importance and impact (click on the links to proceed on the path):

1.  Managing the thought process (getting rid of the struggle and unhappiness)
2.  Forming a strong, invulnerable foundational philosophy and rules/guidelines
    for life (this makes #1 and #3 work better and more easily)
3.  Calming of the mind (conditioning the brain to function more clearly)
4.  Adding certain Practices that serve you.


"Fail" is not the exact right word.  The right phrase to use is "not get the desired results." 

The primary reason people do not get the desired results in this process is that they do not actually follow the process, at least not to the point of completion.  Looking at the basic tenets in the Success section we can see the flaws (i.e. what is missing) in people's striving toward success.  Looking at the basic tenets in the Power In Life section, we can see what is missing in the process of gaining full power in life.  There is no mystery to it. 

To gain full power (i.e. get the results desired) one needs to do the work until it is complete.  (Duh!)  See Completion

To do the work to completion, one needs an absolute commitment to do it AND a laid out plan to follow, either one devised by someone else or, if the first is missing or doesn't quite fit, one's own plan. 

Make no mistake about this, the consequences of not completing this adequately are unnecessary suffering and a life that is not as one would have wished it.


Read The Essential Parts Of The Mind Management Process.  These are the pieces that contribute to full mind management.  Implement these and your life is guaranteed to be happier and more effective.  Master these and you will experience Enduring Happiness that permeates your life.

A major and essential part of managing the mind to get what you want out of life is

1.  Completing The Past, so that it doesn't determine your future, and
2.  Creating A New Future, including the steps to do so, to have what you really want
    in life!


(There are other pieces in other sections that we will eventually reorganize into this section, so go to the Contents And Links For The Psychology Section.)      

       PROTECTING THE MIND FROM THE NEGATIVE - It's essential - and it's very
                    doable, with not very much work to get to a good level.
         The Mind As The Basis For Happiness - The basics that wise people know and
                    you should be sure that you practice this, always, for the rest of your life.
          My Utility "Coping" Thoughts - These are thoughts that generalize about life which are
                     brought into mind readily and frequently when things happen.  They can be
                     disempowering (identify yours) or empowering.  Examples are provided to choose
                     from or jump off of.
(F)       Thought Change Record - A form for recognizing and then "upgrading" one's thoughts in
                     order to live a much better life!                 
           The Low Attention Span And The Effects Of Increasing It - Getting more and more
                      common, especially among adults, with dire consequences on their lives and the ability
                      to handle decisions well.


The Essential Parts Of
The Mind Management

Protecting the mind from
   the negative        

The Mind As The Basis
   For Happiness  

Completing The Past

Creating A New Future

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If you want to live your best life, you must not be just a dilettante in learning life!