I.   Emotion Management

     Controlling the process at the start.  (Not incurring the upset/stress in the first place)

     A.   Managing The Internal Conversations - We cannot afford to let them rule us!

            1.  Beliefs - Managing, Recreating Them

                  The basis for all of our upsets.  Determine which are helpful and which are not.  And reconstruct
                  as needed!

         2. A Solid Life Philosophy - Creating One

                 It is necessary to establish a solid foundation for living and for constructing the rest of life.

II.   Installing Practices

        We must have sound practices to run a very good life.  These are beneficial, consistent, and eventually
        no effort.  Habits are formed from this.

     1.  Calming Of The Mind

             a.  Meditation 
             b.  Relaxation, Physical Plus
             c.  Psychological self-statements
                  1.  Coping statements!
                       a.  Calming statements!

   2.   Inputting Positives/Strength

             Valuable side effect is the remaking of neuronal pathways as a natural byproduct.  See studies
             proving the physical rewiring effect for greater happiness without effort.

             a.  Affirmations//Empowering Statements with consistent repetition (a must at first), but be sure to
                     do them the right way (i.e. they must be true, reasoned out, etc.)
          b. Establishing strengths and gratitudes - Develop a "Positives Portfolio".

III.  Rules, Guidelines

       Decided ahead of time and tremendously freeing.  Part of the Life Management section.

We all experience some psychological "discomfort".  How we cope with it determines whether it controls us, is accentuated, or is minimized.   We can distract ourselves with helpful or harmful things, deny what is occurring, numb ourselves to it, or we can
"cultivate", manage, and virtually solve.

It is our choice.  And, I can tell you, purposely and systematically managing the mind saves a lot of time, eliminates a lot of angst and/or stress, and creates alot more self esteem, confidence, and peace of mind.   

Managing the mind is THE most productive skill and practice that you can develop and engage in!  
Recall, also, that the lizard brain and the monkey mind (the two first brains to develop) are only there to warn us and be on guard so that we survive.  Overactivating it creates undue worry, stress, distraction, lower productivity, and cuts off the higher brain's clarity and functioning. 

Calming it, using our higher brain and purposely managing it, helps assure it of safety, cuts down the danger signals, and re-does the neuronal circuits in the brain so that they function in a way that fits the fact that we have almost no physical or life threats to react to or be concerned about.   

Most people do not realize the brain's plasticity (see the write-up on how the brain actually works) and that it can be changed, though it does take some practice to overcome the existing programming that has occurred over many prior years - but it is immensely worth it - just don't stop way short of finishing it, as that is the major mistake made by many people who embark on the path but don't get all the results.

I suggest that you embark on this path and complete the journey, for the destination of being capable of managing the mind is well worth it - as it will determine the quality of the rest of your life!!!


   PART I.      INCREASING THE HELPFUL (Affirmations, focusing on what feels good, etc.)

   PART II.     REDUCING THE HARMFUL  (Erroneous thinking, hypervigilant danger reactions..)

   PART III.    DIRECTING IT for maximum happiness. (Apply the Happiness practices.)

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