Currently being pieced together, using this as a gathering place.  This will be mostly complete in a relatively short period.  If you are interested in finding out when that is, email me (see Contact page).

The Positive Thinking Reading/Learning List - Anybody interested in having a positivity makeover should set up a reading program to intensely immerse oneself in a review of these key books.  Barbara did not read them in this exact order, but if you do not have a direct coach to guide you this list will serve you almost as if you did!

Barbara's Daily Practices Checklist - One of the core actions that will affect and center your life and having you feel much better is to follow certain key practices.   These practices ended up increasing Barbara's stamina, improving her outlook on life, and reconditioning her mind so that it was much, much more peaceful (and productive) - well worth the price of doing the practice.  These practices would be good for anyone.

    Barbara's Daily Routine - What to do and look at in the morning to get to a higher
       resource level, what to use in The Reminders Notebook, and what to do during
       the day and evening.

Barbara's Philosophy And Beliefs Reconstruction Program - Although knowledgeable about a great number of things in psychology, she had never addressed completely enough the logic and reasoning (or lack thereof) in her strongest beliefs that were creating her emotional turmoil.  This program provides what is missing and sets up the necessary understanding of what is true and what works and why the old beliefs simply were not true.  Coming out the other end of this process was a very freeing experience, resulting in Barbara being "lightened" up [and a bit enlightened] and quite able to create her own happiness, which she now easily did without the belief barriers!