This varies from the items in the Example Notebook, as they are modified for what Barbara believes (and won't believe yet) and to what she will more likely do.  No one should go without this being organized and referenceable in their Reminders Notebook.  (Use the Example Notebook to initially populate some of the documents to start from and modify for your own.)

Most people need the morning routine to keep them up a notch or two or three in thinking level, so that they don't continue the normal wake-up mild depression state.

All of these are to be kept in your reminders notebook.

See also her Weekly Routine relative to this.


Purpose: Raise resourcefulness for the day and provide balance.

Minimum: 20 minutes (Relax in sun or be in sun while doing these)

Daily Reminders Reading - Barbara's very own version of this, revised over time from one written for her to start off.

Affirmations - Read top ones for sure every day and at least my top 3-5 affirmations, mantras, statements, declarations (all put togethe on one page)

Gratitude readings - Look in this site's Gratitude section, have items in your notebook.

Possible add ins:

    Daily Groundings
    Life Stands
    The Daily Power Questions - See Life Coaching Main Page.
    My List Of My Abilities, My "Can-Dos"

Make your commitment for the day

Daily Physical "Up" or "Relax" Routine - Deep breathing for 1 minute, relaxing on a count of 10 down to  1 until totally relaxed (or do tense-let go technique. See Relaxation main page.  (The "Up" is raising one's fist in a power move or both above head and saying loudly "yes, yes, yes!" or pumping one's arms and fists back and forth quickly like a boxer.

Optional: 5 minute stretching program.

Exercise add on if desired

Optional:  30 minutes (or 10 if that is all you choose) of reading positive uplifing materials in a book.


Purpose:  Rebalance
Time: 10 minutes
Do the physical exercises above.
Read the key affirmations and other statements.
Naps when needed, to keep self at a high resourcefulness level.

Periodic Practices During The Day

Take 1 minute (or more) breaks, at least one for every time you get up - where you stretch, exercise, and/or do relaxation (easiest is tense-release one).  You might also recite your key affirmations.
Notice at least 20 things that are smart creations of man and/or nature, even little things, like the clicker that opens the trunk.


Watch, if recorded, Colbert Report or Jon Stewart's The Daily Show, for humor break
Gratitude Journal - 3 to 5 things I acknowledge that are in my life
Read books on happiness, see resource list, or Inspirational books.
     Also, see the Positive Thinking Reading/Learning List .
     Read the materials pointed to on the HappyEffectiveLife.Blogspot.Com
Read the key affirmations and key realities of life (Barksdale materials)


Learning Program

1, preferably 2, hours a day, idea is the same as learning a new language by complete immersion.

Via media

Listen to Dr. Laura on the radio, for straight talk and non-victim talk; it is a training in action.  Some are offended by her directness and/or willingness to confront and not put up with non-productive talk, but she is the epitome of healthy thinking.  For a station in your town, go to