If the title is here without a link, USE THE SEARCH ENGINE.  If you want to prioritize one, send me an email. (These are written pieces on the website.  For books to read go to the Resources section and read in the area; most of the resources are now being inserted at the end of the page on the topic.

This section is incomplete. If you want to proactively learn the key concepts you would use the Detailed Contents for each section and pick off, probably in the order listed, items to read and learn from.

Conclusions As A Child Vs. Now
Why Do I Do "Poor Me"?
You're Not So Special...But... 
How to Spot An Untrue Statement
making Decisions In An Emotion Laden Situation
Golden Start Of A Day
Standards Too High Or Too Low
Needs - What Are They Actually?
Emotions - What They Actually Are
Motivation And Emotions
Pressure Defined
Stupid Defined
Stupid discussion on
Caught In The Cycle, The Downward Spiral
Human Being - So Limited But Oh So Great
Deal - Take It Or not
Why It Is So Easy To Replace What You Simply Made Up Anyway

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