Must see it clearly first
There must be enough details to complete
The questions
The implementation


You can create being anything you want and can see.  But you can’t create what you don’t see clearly and distinctly, as it is impossible.  It’s like an architect saying, well, we’ll have this rectangular building that just looks great, but I’m not quite sure about the details of the overall structure.  (From that design, he creates the detailed plan on what to do.) You’ll find that you already know most of what is necessary.  And we’ll try to fill in what might be missing by adding in what I see as what could be necessary.

An interesting and revealing exercise:

Excerpted from The Underlying Basics of Life, Part II :

"Indulge me here, for a moment, and do this:

  Think of an immensely happy, powerful, self-confident person.
  Sit (or stand) like that person.
  Center yourself left-right and backward-forward like that person.
  Feel how that person feels physically on the sides of the head, the top, the
      forehead, the eyes, the cheeks, the jaw…
  Breathe as that person breathes.
  Feel any vibrations or energy emanating from that person…
  Think what that person would think…

Now write that all down; use it as a model of how you will be from now on, reminding yourself by reviewing it when you look at the Reminders Notebook that we will set up.  

    ___ I commit to doing this.

The point of this exercise was to elicit what you already know about being that happy powerful person, have you write it down to preserve it, put it in an accessible place to remind yourself (as you need to have the ideas easily "seeable"), and to have you commit to creating being that person.

See the pieces called “The Powerful Person”  and the section on Happiness , which will help you “see” further into what exists and works in those areas.  The section called Power In Life lays alot of the details out about the characteristics of a powerful person, as well as explaining how to be powerful.


The key to being anything you want lies in having enough details to be able to “complete” the process.  You can do most of it from your own “knowing”, when you ask the right questions, such as those listed below.  However, we will attempt in this website to go even deeper so that we can be more complete in the process.  Of course, as always we’d recommend a partner or coach in the process as the additional input; also, accountability can make a critical difference. 

It is vital to write down the details, so you’ll be able to reference them.  This would be inserted in your Reminders Notebook.


You'll either be asking these questions of another person or of yourself:

Identifying and naming the “type”:

First, you would, of course, ask the question, what type of person do I want to become, giving the type a name.  Examples might be:

A powerful person
A happy person
A wealthy person
A person who is at peace
An emotionally well-balanced person
A loving human being
A great spouse

(Oh, and you can have them all, if you wish; however, a commitment is needed or you can “forget about it”.)

The questions to elicit the details

The questions  might be, with as many added sub-questions as possible:

Why do I want to be this type of person?
What does this person say?
What is this person’s behavior?
What characteristics does this person have?
Emotional make-up?
Key operating principles
If I were that person, what actions would I take in the next day? Week? Month? Year?


The questions and all of the answers must be written down and you must check off each one of the answers indicating your commitment to doing them. 

Getting a partner or coach is highly recommended also. 

For 21 days, review the list, reading it out loud and reaffirming that you will do it.  Then tickle it on your calendar to review it weekly for a year, then monthly for the next year, and then quarterly thereafter until you “are” it.

Since there may be some pieces you do not complete in one sitting, you should place this exercise in your Reminders Notebook or your LifePlan Notebook, whichever you prefer and will use, for easy access.