One of the biggest wastes in the world is to attempt to control the uncontrollable (or what is not worth the effort to control). 

Follow these principles religiously.  Find out why you do it and what the misconceptions are that have us doing it over and over.

A variation on The Serenity Prayer:

Grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change,
the courage to change the one I can,
and the wisdom to know it's me.

About control:

             Choosing What To Control and Not Control - It is vital for good psychological health to
                        be clear on those things you can control and what you can't.  Finish this here and

              Control - When Is It Really Needed And Not Needed - To what degree should I attempt to

              A Sense Of Control - Finding your "locus of control" is essential to sound psychology -
                 and letting go of what you can't control is also vital.

              What I Can And Can't Control - Acknowledging what what I can control and whether that is
                   even worth it at times.

(F)                List of What I Can And Can't Control - Be very clear on this - it is very freeing! A form to

Discussed also in

Key Thoughts And Behaviors To Choose To Attain Personal Happiness and Peace - Stage I
  See especially the section:
            Give up the illusion of control 
            Give up trying to control outcomes
                  Your responsibility, boundary
             Give up trying to control others
             Know you are not in control and it is a losing battle to try

Happiness - Main Module On - Discussing control as a key element of happiness among the others.

Confidence And Self Esteem section, Discussion - Overview.  Again, we can choose to be judicious in control or we can choose to victimize ourselves...

The Pieces And The Why Of Re-Forming Your Philosophy Of Life - Your philosophy about control is a key element of life.

The Detection Game - Was I Being Victim, Persecutor, Pleaser Or Adult - Discusses "good" and appropriate control and what is psychologically healthy.

      The Choice - Be A Victim, Pleaser, Persecutor Or An Adult - Perhaps THE critical choice to
          make overall in life (and important in individual situations).

Live Through The Tools And Decisions Of A Child? - We learn about (imagined) control as a child and then we misuse it and/or let it run our lives!

In Relationships:

Co-Dependence - Do I Have Some Patterns Or Characteristics of Co-Dependence? - Control and beliefs about control are one of the key items tying people into this trap.l

The Fear Of Being Engulfed Or Controlled - The two play out together and can keep us from
experiencing alot of what is good in life.  From the Relationships section of the site.

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