Being completed, but there is more than enough to really nail this down. 

You need to see the wisdom of committing to developing wisdom and commit to it as the top priority in your life!
The  Practical Life Wisdom Book

Until the formal book, use this sequence to "get it" about life wisdom.  Expand to even more depth by following the links on these pages!

Wisdom - Main Page 

Wisdom - What Is it? - Simply Illustrated In Action 

The Life Wisdom Mindset - Choose It And You Will Prosper Greatly In Life!

The Wisdom/Growth Learning Spectrum - A Perspective On Life And How To Create A Great One 

Inner Wisdom - Useful But Not Really So Wise - One of the biggest "made-ups" and misunderstandings.

Power In Life And The Role Of Wisdom - Creating And Manifesting It 

Acquiring Wisdom - Why bother, how, the decision

The Path To Wisdom - This path is necessary to follow if you are to achieve wisdom - and happiness

    The Wisdom Process - There Is A Process To
         Assuring Wisdom Is Obtained
    Critical Thinking - Without it you cannot
        become wise
    Higher Thinking - The Gateway To All You
       Want - As you get wiser you do more of
    Emotional (non)Reasoning - You can't get to
         wisdom without eliminating this.
    Intuition - How to use it and not misuse it.
    The Life Unexamined Is Not Worth Living -

Deciding What I Really Want - First, choose wisely what it is that you want(!!!).

The Power Of Perspective - The Greatest Power Position - Without this, you may end up being a victim of life.  You must have this in order to master life!

A Grand Perspective On Life - Read This First, Before Embarking Into Life!  


The Laws And Principles Of Life - Follow These To Happiness - The masters of life understand, and operate based on, these.

Knowing who I am

Who I Am Actually - Without knowing this, you cannot become wise, as too much unwisdom will get in the way.

To be wise, you must learn the Right Thinking Skill - Link through Thinking Contents/Links

A wise person carefully crafts the elements of his/her Philosophy of Life - Link to key pieces through
Philosophy Contents/Links.

A wise person examines the beliefs upon which his/her life are based - Link to key pieces
Beliefs Contents/Links

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Where to start?

Although a more basic Wisdom book (or the reading list on this page) might be a better starting place, this book is considered to be the best value per work book on wisdom,  This is my page and discussion about it:

The Book: Seeking Wisdom - The Value: Huge

The path to the greatest life

Although this is a more patient approach, it will build you a base that will be very effective.  Read the pieces in this:

The Only Sure Path To The Greatest Life

Avoid, at least, these

And Then A Miracle Happens! - Wanna Bet!  

Anything that conflicts with Critical Thinking - Follow the links to the thinking errors and blasting out the false beliefs we accumulate, such as those laid out in The Believing Brain.