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Is it a breakdown or a problem?
There is no meaning
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Try to walk, fall down, get up, try to walk, fall down, get up...and smile alot at the delight of it all and the future prospects.

Of course, that's what we do as babies, when we haven't learned to add anything to it. We simply want to walk like the big people.  We don't doubt if it can be done, we just see that it can be done, so therefore we can do it (we don't yet know what "probably" means). 


Is it a breakdown or a problem?  Is it an opportunity or does it mean something else?

When we get outside of the arena of truth and reality we get into all sorts of emotions and internal conversations that lead only to not feeling good - they are unnecessary,and just "protective BS". 

We are simply bringing up past traumas, experiencing the attached emotions, and looking at pictures of what the brain remembers - those pictures are not about the present, but we "suffer" as if they were.  What a silly game?

A breakdown is like a problem but with an unnecessary unproductive emotional judgment added onto it, for most people. 

A "problem" is simply the gap between where one is at and where one wants to be.  We must define the problem and what we want and then ask the question
"How can I get from here to my desired results?" Then we identify proposed solutions and decide what to do from that, laying out the necessary steps.  [See Problem Solving and the steps (and forms) provided to guide you.]

The gap is pictured like this:

Level of committed results
               "Gap"                             =   Problem, breakdown
Level of predictable results or actual result

"Breakdowns are moments when you become so focused on the problem you just can´t see the solution…You are concerned about what's wrong...?" 

You are concerned about whats wrong...?

But if you stay in the turmoil, you handicap yourself.

Albert Einstein nailed it:  No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

So, our task is to unravel the turmoil and dysfunctional thinking and beliefs, so that we can "look, see, and close the gap".  To do that we will have you follow the procedure to do so.


There is no "meaning" to a breakdown, other than what we add to it

I look at it now as only something that happened and didn't create the results I desired.  I have learned that I cannot create all the desired results I want nor control the results on things outside of my control!  (Duh!)

There is certainly nothing wrong with my not knowing everything necessary to be able to cause and/or control the end result in all cases.  I simply just do not know enough yet.  So I simply get to assess what I can learn from this if I want to be better able to get the results.


The Formula:   What's so      So what!?!     Now what? 

What's so

This happened on the outside
This happened on the inside (describe the belief and the result inside)
This was my "come from" or "who I was being"
What's missing?
    What is my intention?
    Am I commited to that? 
I now commit to achieving this result

So what?

This is just an undesired outcome, a normal event in life.
I am still ok, still alive, still able to create happiness (even though I don't always show that, and let disempowering beliefs come itn) [Notice What Actually Happened]
The undesired effect here is just due to my belief.
The event is just an event and it has already happened
I don't need to project it forward. 

Now what?

Change the belief
Identify what be learned, changed, improved
Who I will be in the matter (or an assumed come from, viewpoint attitude)
If I take the viewpoint above, what actions would I take?


The forms to use are at the master page on Breakdowns And Breakthroughs.


Notes below to integrate

A Breakthrough….thwarted intended result, thwarted that moment when you have a great idea….or a flash of inspiration….
That moment when you have an “ahh hah”….with the light bulb flashing over your head….
If we make it horrible that we didn't get what we wanted, then we are simply creating a negative emotion and an emergency signal to the primitive brain
Undesired Outcomes and acceptance, canot control all outcomes
from a position of loss rather than acceptance of reality..

These are moments when you are focused on what´s missing…?

So how do we transform breakdowns to breakthroughs???

First off….let me start by saying….that when we focus on breakdowns….we focus on what´s wrong…

On the other hand… when we focus on…

What´s missing….we begin to have breakthroughs….

Its the old adage…….what you resist will persist…..

When we resist looking at what's missing…and focus only on whats wrong….

We fall down a never ending…..its this endless loop….that goes nowhere…

Secondly...breakdowns are typically caused….for three reasons…(this is what the seminar guys told… me…and I totally agree)…..They actually said….”There are Only Three Reasons Why We All Get Upset…!!” ….pretty forceful…but it got my attention…

The 3 Reasons We All Get Upset…or focus on What´s Wrong…(These can be one or a combination of the three..)

1) Unfulfilled Expectations….we expect something and it doesn´t happen they way we expect it to…
2) Thwarted Intention…..we intended to do something…some action….and we were unable to do it how we wanted to…
3) Undelivered Communication…..we intended to say something….(communicate….) and we were unable to say what we wanted to say….

#1 - Focus on whats missing….

#2 - Then see which of the three..(Unfulfilled Expectations, Thwarted Intention and/or Undelivered Communication…)….or it could be two or all of them…that´s causing you to focus on what´s wrong….

#3 - And then chart a path towards resolving whats missing from the situation..?

reakdowns: create system that identify and communicate gaps between the committed vision and what will predictaly happen, that is failure - which, in turn, drive innovation.
Manage breakdowns: create an environment whre people renew their commitment to the vision in the face of breaddowns so that breakthroughs occur
breakfthrough an extraordinary result, beyond what could have been predicted, unprecedented, heretofore unknown


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