The function of the Reminders Notebook is to remind you but also to re-mind you – i.e. to construct a whole new, finer, more effective mind (container of thoughts, beliefs, rules, etc.).  

Read and follow the steps in Setting Up And Using A Referencing Notebook System, for how to set up this notebook! 


As such, your task is to “fill in the blanks”, which are the spaces that are waiting for something workable and rational to be inserted so that you have a workable system overall.  (The "mind" is actually not an entity that is a person, but is simply a bunch of conduits and software that we can build and re-build as we desire, into a new set of thoughts and beliefs.)

I would suggest that you do it in this manner:

1.   Although you may want to shift the order somewhat, especially if there is something compelling, you would follow the order in the Reminders Notebook, starting with a daily message you want to read, then filling in the Gratitude section, then the key affirmations, and so on.  See the Table Of Contents (print it out and insert it into your notebook!).  Some people have "skipped forward", from I &II to VI thru X.  Some hit the "hot" items for them.

2.  The key (or the "catch") here is not to do (or expect to be able to do) these at all completely or in a polished manner.  We will use one of the excellent "writer's block" techniques, letting go of having to do something right or perfect or wonderfully.  We'll just do it "wrong" (imperfectly) the first time.

3.  The best approach is to simply set an amount of time for doing each.  I would suggest  that you allow an hour for each and then stop and go on to the next one, or quit for the day.  I would suggest that you do two sections a day, and finish up within a month, with a rough "new" mind

Here we will also use another principle - it's easier to start with something than nothing, and then revise that something and/or use it for ideas to jump off of.  To implement that, you would simply print out the relevant pieces on the site and insert them in the notebook (it would be a good idea to have dividers labelled 1-31, although there aren't quite that many sections, and then you'd insert the items using the number on the table of contents, e.g. XX 13, so they are easily referenceable).  You would use the Search Engine to find the subject(s) for the day to print out pieces for, though you might also find it handy to simply go to the Example Notebook.  Then you just revise away and brainstorm and have a merry time, remembering that this is only the "creative" time and not the perfecting time!!!!  You'll be amazed at how much progress you'll make in such a short period.  (Of course, you can build up your understanding on the side as much as you want.)  This is what I call the "doable" approach, one that does not require the impossible or difficult.  

4.  Each morning, use the sections that are filled in as often as needed to begin to build these things into memory and to “reframe” life.  From the very beginning, it will make a huge difference in your day.  As you use them, you can write on them, modify them and improve them.

5.   After the initial "filling of the new mind," we'll go back and revise the sections but in a different order, that you’ll choose, but for which we will suggest a program.  


Remember to see The Blog for new ideas as we go.


While it is good to "increase understanding" by learning and reading and chatting with the psychologist, there are actions we need to do that will create the core of the process that will work for you. 

Basically, there is a whole slew of false beliefs, rules, etc. that your life has been filled with.  Our task is to reconstruct and to replace those, resulting in the basis for a new thought system for you to access and choose. 

Working with specific clients, I have determined and set up many beliefs that people have, including the responses to those beliefs. (See the Specific Beliefs linking block in Thoughts And Beliefs Contents/Links and also enter whatever else you think of into the search engine, as there may be a piece that is not in that list at this time.)

So we must "do" the pieces that will eventually end up being the new system, replacing the old system.  (The basic you, the source of the energy and the experiencer, will still be the same.  I suspect however that you think you are all the attachments and history, rather than the one who experiences it and directs it.  We're simply going to have a better support system for you to utilize, which will in turn create much different experiences for your life.) Who I Am  

Note that you can scan the subjects and deal with them from the DETAILED CONTENTS OF THE PSYCHOLOGY SECTION , which contain links to them and an overview of what is dealt with.  You can insert some of the pieces in the appropriate section of the Reminders Notebook.

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