Reflection is a trait of self awareness.  Larry Bird (as all great champions) was a champion of self reflection.  Something happened, he noticed what there was to notice about it, then he adjusted his behavior, just like in Living Life As A Life Champion 

Keeping in front copies of the related forms for items below could prove to be useful.

Typical things to include in a journal:

Victories, every single one, no matter how small.
Kindnesses I attempted, good that I did (no matter how small seeming)
Pleasant experiences
What I noticed that I was grateful for
What I noticed that I might improve on (and when will I do so?)

From Reflection:

Did I notice and then respond healthily to all my physical indicators? (When tired, did I rest or move, etc.?)

What were my thoughts and feelings in that situation today?  (Should I look at it using a problem solving form to do so, so it is more complete?)

Am I headed in the right direction?
What do I really want in my life?
What are the consequences of my decisions and/or what I am doing?  Should I change something?

Am I spending my time where it has the most value for me?
What are the fears or belief limitations that are holding me back?
What skills do I need to develop to have a better life?

What are my shortcomings?  Can I accept those and put them in perspective, instead of being in denial or oblivious or numbed to them. 

What did I do today that I might want to do more in my life?
What did I do today that I do not want to do anymore in my life?

Am I living my deepest values?  Am I cultivating my best self?

Am I taking enough risks and putting enough variety into my life?  (T.S. Eliot: "Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.")

Am I treating others with acceptance, respect, kindness, compassion?
Am I serving others at the level that I want and/or is healthy for me?
Am I living my purpose? 

What am I concerned about today?  What might I reflect upon?

From The Improvement Journal:

What undesired result did I get?

Is there a story?  What Happened, actually (what's so, what's next?)?

How could I have been cause in the matter?

Is this lack of a desired effect due to a racket

Apply the breakdown/breakthrough format?

What can I learn from this?

What beliefs could have contributed to this?  Are they true, absolutely true? 
     See The Truth Test.    
What belief can I correct now?  (See Dealing With And Changing Beliefs.)

Journaling And The Types Of Journals

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Option Method Questions For Yourself - Coming to new beliefs

Critical Thinking - Useful for establishing what really happened and then applying a system and reasoning to produce better conclusions.

Reflection - Invaluable, Crucial, Central To Thriving
- You can't progress fully without doing this practice!