"I have nowhere I have to be.  I already passed that point long ago.  It is all icing on the cake now, as I appreciate the incredible abundance of bonuses in my life."
                                                                                                       The BuddhaKahuna


Along the lines of what Buddhist call the "more" problem that causes suffering, we have a "further" and "farther" problem that causes suffering.

It is a "gap" "problem".  "Problem" is defined as a gap between where we are and where we want to be. 

So, the question for me is "how much farther do I need to go?" (and why?). 


I was impressed with this gal in one of our discussion groups who said something "I don't have anywhere to get to; I'm already here." 

Sounds very profound and true.   But the trueness is in how she has it constructed in her mind.

I typically say I have to get more done today and I'll be happy with my site and my contribution when it is further along and highly usable and used.   


But, as in the question, "how much is enough?", I have to look, essentially answering virtually the same question, but relative to "how far". 

I am the one who adds the meaning to my reaching of a higher goal.   But if I am the one doing it, why do I become a victim of it

Because "I am saying it is not ok or I am not ok until I get this far ("there").  That is an added meaning.

In my mind I am creating the meaning "it will be wonderful to contribute fully to people dramatically improving their lives".    That is a value (something I value = something with meaning, and vice versa), and value gives it meaning. 

But if I never reach it, is life still not a wonder and a blessing? 


Again, here I am looking at some artificial finish line and seeing how short I am - kind of a "the glass is 1/4 empty" viewpoint. 

Instead, I can see that the line I would best be looking at is the "baseline," one of having gone far enough along to be able to provide all my basic needs (food, shelter) plus the ability to read, enjoy, learn, experience lots and lots of bonuses.   Yes, I am in bonuses land and it is plentiful.  Why would I set it up such that I would think I would need more?   Not too smart, heh?  (Read Establishing Your "Baseline" - Creating Happiness And Using Correct Priorities.)

Yes, I could get the extra bonuses of reaching what I created as the finish line, but it doesn't matter, as I get to experience lots and lots right now, and I know I can take care of my basis needs, so there is nothing, nothing at all to worry about!

I have arrived and now I am able to just play with the ponies (bonuses) and enjoy, and not wish for more ponies (bonuses), as I have more than enough to fill my life up with.

I have arrived.  I have nowhere I have to go.  Life is good and it is full, with lots of options to put into it. 

And I can just enjoy the journey, the trip toward my great destiny, for it is not arriving, indeed, it is experiencing the trip along the way.  I am touring the country (life) and noticing all the wonder in it, as I go. 

And I am awed, ever so grateful, ever so appreciative.  And I shall remind myself of that - especially if I get into the faulty thinking that "more" is better and that I must go "farther."   I have nowhere I must go to.  I simply get to enjoy all the bonuses that are more than enough to fill my life with, in the mere 24 hours a day I get.  I shall enjoy them to the max!

When I'm born is there a stamp on my forehead that says I must reach "x" height, in terms of accomplishment and "greatness"? 

Nope, that would be preposterous.  There is no "quota" to meet

There is only learning to do and then doing what it takes to meet all my basic needs and then learning to enjoy all that I have - and all that I have is much more than sufficient to fill up my days with happiness and enjoyment and appreciation.