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"The sign of a false, incorrect belief is that one feels bad.   If one feels bad, that, in turn, simply means that one is entertaining a false belief.  And if one wants to feel good in life, that simply means that one must correct the misbelief.  Simple.  Do it!"
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Usually not being "good enough" has the connotation around it of shame...

Not "being good enough" is a derivative of the instinct in caveman days of being productive enough to be kept in the tribe.  The primitive mind would, naturally, tend to warn against such a threat to survival - but in light of the facts today, it might be a good idea to reexamine this and to formulate something that is both true and powerful.  (D'ya think!)


There are several perspectives or "viewing points" of what is good enough, such as:

1.  In your own eyes, where you give it lots of meanings.
2.  In other's eyes
3.  In terms of capability to handle one's life adequately (confidence in oneself)


Unless you define "enough", you'll have no way of knowing when you get there.

Read How much is "enough".


As with all beliefs, we need to find "evidence" to support the beliefs. 

Yes, in fact, you are "good enough" in many contexts, but which one really matters? 

Am I good enough to live (worthy)?  The question is based on a total fiction with no real meaning in the real world, so the answer to a fictional criterion is " it doesn't matter if you are 'worthy' or not'.  All that matters is that you are alive, existing in reality in the real world, so there is no question of good enough or not.   

You are alive, period.  There is no question of whether or not you should be alive or whether you are worthy of being alive - the reality/fact is that you are alive.      (Look at the Barksdale works on this, specifically the excerpted affirmations: The Realities Of Human Behavior.)


Others, by their criteria and their perception (or lack thereof), may judge you as not being good enough (you don't measure up to their concept/expectation of what it takes to be good enough).

That could be used as feedback to look at something and possibly developing something that is missing.  It certainly doesn't mean anything in terms of whether you are worthy to live.  It may mean that you will not be their friend, but, so what!  If somebody is that judgmental would you want to be their friend (or would you want to be engaged in a no-win game of constantly trying to appear to be good enough for them?!!?  The criteria that one might use is "would an enlightened person" [as opposed to a dummy] accept me for who I am and see that I am good enough.  The catch here is that an enlightened person cannot see another person as not being good enough - since "good enough" is a total fiction and we are all just machines doing the best we can with our given data.). 

This written piece you are reading is under "beliefs" in my site directory.  How much is "enough" is under philosophy (a way of looking at things systematically to determine what is true overall).  Why I Am Very Good is a piece under philosophy - and this should be a piece of your philosophy, which is the  foundation for your life.

See I Am Perfect As I Am, under philosophy, where the proposition is that we are already fully equipped and that all we need to add is the necessary learning and programming that will facilitate us getting what we want in life.  The "what you want" in life has to be based on sound thinking, not some aerie faerie fantasy, such as being a movie star.  It is not "being a movie star" that we want, but a feeling of some sort that would be derived from that - and we can get that feeling in a guaranteed way from more attainable means. 


Like any "belief" you must ask if it is true, if it is not, you must develop one that is true and correct and then you must install it enough so that the old one does not keep popping back in to rule the day. 

I am, in fact, more than good enough.  I am a good human being and I totally accept myself and love myself.

No one in this entire world is one iota more or less worthy than I am. (This is from the Barksdale materials.)


Reading the materials on this site will be helpful AND the program that I recommend is to use the Barksdale Programs and follow them through to gaining full "self-esteem". 

While this is "psychology", it is also connected to philosophy, as that is often the source of our perspective - in a sense, the central part of philosophy is the basis of good psychological thinking and perspective.

See:  Philosophy Directory, with links - Read how to establish a strong foundation for your life.
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How much is "enough"

Why I Am Very Good a piece under philosophy - and this should be a piece of your philosophy, which is the  foundation for your life.

I Am Perfect As I Am - People have a vast misconception about "who I am", also!  

Follow the links in these pieces to make sure you have sufficient knowing to be able to effectively use this knowledge. It is essential that you do not stop short of being clear on this and answering this question for yourself!