This may look a little short to you, but the central assignment is quite substantial, in both time and effort and in creating a whole new understanding and way of operating.  But the end result is priceless!

Like all "programs" we have installed in ourselves, we must revise the ones that don't work for our benefit and stop doing all of those things that reinforce the continued existence and/or strength of the other program. 

We must realize that even repeating the stories related to one's "not being good enough" simply reinforces the old program, therefore part of the program to create a new program is to stop telling stories.  Giving up the stories must be a mandatory commitment. 

The prep for all such replacement programs must include conquering the idea that thoughts are things that have power - they actually are just neurochemicalelectrical mechanical bits of data relating to something associated with some subject or object.  See A Thought Is Just A Thought, An Emotion Is Just An Emotion!  Learn how things work, so you will no longer be the "effect" of them, but the master of them.  (Read the reading sequence:  What Is Reality?)

Working straight through the program, in total focus on this without jumping to another area or subject, is essential in getting the results, which requires doing completion, perhaps for the first time, of the process to get rid of the debilitating belief.  Either do it or don't do it, but don't fool yourself by partially doing it and having "knowledge" "about" it (that is actually partial and insufficient), for all you'll get then is being "smarter" but not having the results you want in this area and in your very life.  (Know this:  "Sufficient" Knowing", a core concept, as it leads to another essential that removes misunderstandings about "fault" - which is something you must clear up or you cannot be happy.)

1.  Read the pieces relevant to the core belief "I Am Not Good Enough" and the subderivative beliefs (which are listed in the Core Beliefs box in the sidebar)    Consider also reading and studying, as a major changer of your life the A Vital Resource, discussed in the box right below the other box.   
2.  Thoroughly write out the reasoning, reasons, evidence, etc., behind your believing "I am not good enough" (and the underlying beliefs, in the box to the right).   And then dispute them, provide reasoning for the opposite to be true, provide new evidence for the new truths (beliefs, but ones that are true and functional).  (After you've done your own, see some of the "core beliefs" discussions, linked in the box to the right.)

3.  Read Getting To And Being "Good Enough" - An Overview And A Plan.

    Including in the plan is your reading (and at some point implementing) the best
        self-view correcting program I have ever seen:  Barksdale.  Follow the
        program written there - and, yes, it will take several months to do the
        process, to get the result - but I guarantee the result will be highly beneficial.

4.  Write out what is the actual truth and will be forever a part of your philosophical base.

5.  Affirm it every day for at least 30 days. 

6.  Keep it in a referenceable place (in your Reminders Notebook or wherever you keep your written version of your life philosophy.)

This will make a major change in your life, one that is priceless!!!  Follow through and take the necessary time to really master this for a much better life!  Do this as part of your program to truly be a Master Of Life!  (Just follow The Only Sure Path To The Greatest Life.)


Read the Core Beliefs piece.

I'm Not Good Enough
  Something is wrong with        me
  Powerless, Dependent
       I am powerless
       Child "Role"
       Power in life

There Is Danger


       Life will turn out well
       Something is wrong 


Self-Esteem/Confidence - Without this, you cannot be happy, period!  Master it!

BarksdaleAboutLife.Com - The free books and courses about "straight thinking" that removes the ideas underlying fault and self-criticism and any sort of dependence or victimhood.  The result: a happiness and a "no-burden" responsibility, "in-charge" viewpoint.

Essential understanding, without which it is impossible to be truly, long lastingly happy.