tba mostly done
The idea is to assure that one has good energy ALL day, so that life can be more fully lived!


__ The Pause - Frequent breaks: stop, look, breathe, center
__ Breathing to calmness (at least 4 full deep slow breaths)
__ Meditation in some form (just noticing breath for a minute plus, up to 20 minutes; this is a
    power source for most of the highly accomplished people in the world)
__ Good night's sleep
__ The nap
__ Water (when feel hungry or tired, try this first!)
__ Alter nutrition


__ 5-10 deep, slow breaths
__ Engage higher brain (The Pause and breathing)
   __ You'll also save energy that might have been spent doing the wrong thing and/or in
        having the primitive brain stuck in a "survival" spiral of false perceptions and reactions.
__ Exercise
    __ Full workout
    __ Five minute stretch, ending in (on back) "legs cycling in the air" for a count of at least
         50 reps (test for the number that works for you.
    __ 10 minute walks (or 5 flights of stairs, preferably twice)
    __ The One Minute Energy exercises
    __ Consider late afternoon workout besides morning one
__ Eat 100-150 calories of carb and protein (usually within two hours of other eating) - Slices
    of apple with almond butter spread, see Snacks.
__ Stand (or sit) tall, with excellent posture, shoulders dropped and rotated back
__ Take a cold shower (or alternative hot and cold, for as long as you can stand it)
__ Watch, read something inspiring and/or meaningful
__ Laugh


Huge users of energy: (Worth alot of energy to plug these holes - a huge payoff for learning and implementation time).  Stop, reduce, eliminate, offset the following:
__  Anything that causes or keeps the body not highly functioning (not in homeostasis) - The
     body panics and takes energy away from other things, as survival is the priority.  Those
     other parts then underfunction or malfunction, causing further problems.
    __ Too much sugar to easily process (directly or in refined carbs) so blood sugar drops too
         much later, plus lots of other bad side effects, including weight gain and fat storage.
__  Worrisome thoughts, anxiety (huge burner of energy, though energy use seems to be not in       people's awareness)
__  Stress, fear (Live days that are virtually free of any stress.) The Effects Of Stress.
    __ Causes body to malfunction and a downward spiral begins into less and less efficiency.
__  Hurrying, rushing (10 minutes early to appts, start early on something, walk at a healthy
__  Multitasking (except super simple where on is automatic) - Uses mental and physical
    energy, as we shift focus quickly betwee them.  Depletes ability to focus (focus is an
    energy saver as it is "laser"-like and efficient)
__  Bad food (harder to digest but also throws body off kilter so it uses more energy to get
    done what can be done with less energy; uses up energy in the additional handling needed.
    __ Live foods as much as possible, no bad fat,
__  Being overweight (more energy needed to move more mass, burdens the systems, causes
    malfunctions, stores toxins to fight, helps create poor sugar metabolism (which is what
    produces energy!)
__  Sitting for longer than an hour without substantial movement - More damaging than
    smoking.  (See Instant Energy - From Something Good! )


__ Full night's sleep (there is no shortcut, as this is the repair process) - Without it, you eat
    more, are distracted more and operate very inefficiently (which uses more energy)
__ Nap during the circadian slump (and any time you feel a slump from tiredness)
__ Rejuvenation periods (Sometimes a full day, whatever it takes, clears out the cobwebs,
    increases creativity and willpower.)
__ Allow for the ultradian rhythms, where we cycle down every 90 minutes.  Get up and move.
__ Assure sufficient supply of "energy" nutrients, such as Vit B (especially B12) and iron (careful on iron, check with doctor 1st); seaweed, magnesium.

__ Verify you've done the recommended items in the Tired piece and in the Exhaustion piece.
Especially, verify your thyroid function.