Oh, boy, I get to drink a diet cola.  That'll pep me up and it tastes so good.   Well, in the back of my mind, I kinda know that something is harnful about this... but just one won't do much.  [So I'll imbibe that crap and my bones will leach calcium to reduce the acidity from the high acid drink, so I'll end up with weaker bones.  Plus I'll go into a "hyperstate", from the caffeine and the poison, where my body will be malfunctioning making it more likely to not do a good job.  I will contribute to my body not replicating my DNA accurately, so I'll likely get cancer.]

Oh, man, I need some energy and sugar tastes so good.  I'll feel so satisfied, so good!   Yeah, I know, kinda, that it isn't good for me...but it is great for now.  [Well, I guess I'll overstimulate my system, set the body into a crazy repair mode to try to reduce the excess sugar in the blood.  It'll put it into the worst kind of fat that holds the toxic chemicals...  And I'll feel lousy in an hour or so as I crash below what energy level feels good.  And I'll be increasing my odds for getting Syndrome X, where I will not be able any longer to properly process glucose - and then, joy of all joys, I'll get diabetes and cut off a lot of my body's functioing capability, perhaps even having to amputate a limb or just have to take nerve medicine to handle the pain...  I guess I'll just kill myself, slowly, but effectively, and I won't do anything about it until it is serious.  I won't notice all the symptoms along the way - I'll ignore them and/or I'll stay ignorant of them (I'm at least aware enough to know I'm not knowledgeable enough), and I'll deny what is occurring, sluff it off (even though I can't deny that I kinda know something bad is occurring)...]

I know, I know, I'm stressed out, but I gotta cram all this in.  Besides, my body will adjust.  Maybe it won't be optimal, but, hey, this is just life, this is just being human.  This is required by the world of today. [Yeah, and this denial will kill my quality of life, for surely one can't feel good about life with stress chemicals eating away at how one feels and functions.  I'll ignore the damage to my heart vessels, as it help tear little rips in the walls, for plague to form on and then solidify into being as hard as a rock ("hardening" of the arteries).  I'll ignore that my immune system and alot of my other systems, including my repair system, go way down in functioning or turn of to meet the current "threat"  (an implied threat is the source of stress!).] 

And, so goes the story of our culture.

Will you decide to no longer tolerate this nonsense and killing?  

Or will you just leave it as it is?  (And be a Gradually Boiling Frog?)

Managing Your Life For Great Physical Health And Energy, Have More Quality Years And Save Years Of Your Life!   Convince yourself.  Find out what to do. 

And here's a checklist to make this clear and defined:  My Physical Well-Being Checklist - This Or Something Better...No "Settling" Into Entropy - And this will actually lead to more pleasure and more feeling good than the ignorant, denial way of living.