It is important for anybody who feels a "deficit" or low account balance that they "get" the point here - we are supposed to shift the proportions between the positives and the negatives, adding alot more positives and inhibiting the negatives.  Doing as many affirmations and inserting as many soothing, nurturing activities into your schedule and practices as you can will begin to shift the balances in your favor.  (To go deeper into an item below you would enter it into the search engine and then link into it or look for it in the contents/links list for each section.

These lists could go on forever.  If you have any suggestions, please email them to me. 


The Huge Withdrawals

   Blame/SelfCriticism/Anger - Antidote:  Know the reasoning behind no-blame
       Subset:  Perfectionism
   Anxiety/Worry/UnnecessaryFearing - Antidote: Know what is real and not real
   Holding oneself as a victim or child
   Having to keep everything in life in place, trying to perform well enough at a high
        standard, winning people's approval - exhausting.

A huge "interest" charge on your account; the insidious diminishment of the account

   Allowing oneself to be out of homeostasis (the direct effect is added to by the tendency
        to engage in more withdrawals when tired or "off" physically and mentally).

The insidious small-seeming withdrawals

    Hurrying, being very "busy"
        Running late or  "just in time"
    Tensing for any reason, usually emotional "holding", holding the breath, hyperventilating
        - and allowing that to continue!
    Distaste, disliking what you are doing (and not appreciating what it gets you) - This is
         the "ain't it awful" poison that is added to a neutral action.
    Negative talk of any sort
The more subtle ones:  Exaggerating the negative, justifying the present because of the past or just retelling the related stories, using disempowering languaging (often dismissed as "too picky" by some, but it is powerful!).


The Huge Deposits

    Changing your beliefs to useful, true beliefs (adds power, takes away negatives)
    Grounding oneself strongly every day 
    Becoming an expert (good at) something you like and have aptitude for

The Good-sized Deposits (which are more frequent than the huge ones!)

    Exercise (3-4 30 minute aerobic per week and 3 weight bearing sessions a week)
        Bonus for stretching and doing yoga like exercise for 15 minutes or more
    Regular soothing, nurturing activities built into every week
    Mantras and empowering statements/affirmations
    Inspiring materials, self-development articles (See Instant Reference For Valuable
          Browsing; videos, meditations, sites, etc.
    Assuring certainties (See The Safe Base For Life And Happiness.)  Also decreases
        withdrawals from fear-based and uncertainty-based.
    Gratitude, appreciation, focusing on directly

Worthwhile Deposits
Looking at photos
Writing up good things you’ve done
Keeping copies and logs of thank yous and good deeds,
See the items for you to do in your Reminders Notebook.
Pleasant music in background - more effect than you think, plus is "stimulative", offsetting
   boredom of emptiness
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