Find a meeting that applies to you.  If you are in an "urgent" situation, go to one that is on a related topic.  For instance, for Alanon you could attend AA meetings or CoDA meetings. 

Just enter the name in your browser search engine:


Twelve Step Meetings


Alanon (Those who are involved with an alcoholic or drug user.)
Co-Dependents Anonymous
Alcoholics Anonymous
Debtors Anonymous
Eating Related:
    Eating Disorders Anonymous
    Food Addicts Anonymous
    Overeaters Anonymous
Emotions Anonymous
Gamblers Anonymous
Marijuana Anonymous
Narcotics Anonymous
    Cocaine Anonymous
Nicotine Anonymous
Recovery Community - Links to many meetings:
Sex Addicts Anonymous
Spenders Anonymous

About 12 Step Meetings

One of the principles for power is Buddha, Dharma, Sangha (see various references on this site).  Sangha is a supportive community that will encourage you to follow what is good and right and reinforce the concepts and ways of living.  That is what the 12 step meetings do - and they are especially useful when it is with other people that are involved with the same type of issue as you.

From Psychological Methods section:

"The most practiced discipline in the Western world.  Many effective techniques are included in these.  These by themselves are positive, but my opinion is that they need to be supplemented by learning and applying more of the concepts in the other disciplines.  It would be most helpful to have a qualified guide and/or counselor."