These resources will take you to virtually any level desired.  You need spend no more time "searching" or refining.

Do at least one of the programs below, such as the Insight Meditations kit.  Read at least one book, but two would be recommended, for this is an area to get good at, as the payoffs are so incredibly high.  Go to a week end retreat.  Take a course led by an experienced practitioner. 

This is a major area and is well worth learning well!  (The less calm one is or the more negative or anxious one is the greater the benefit.  And, yes, it does take about three months to actually change the wiring in the brain, but it is worth it.  Integrate this with the other suggestions in the Peace of Mind section.)

[Read at least the Davis book below.  And it's pretty simple to download some of the meditations and/or buy a couple of CD's to help you with the meditation practice.  Such aids are highly, highly recommended.]

WEBSITES:  (And downloads!)  

       Meditation Society Of Australia - Free online meditation course.  And consider the
             premium member option for $10.

       Meditations - This is a vital skill and practice that "reconditions" the brain's wiring
         system.  This is the best source I've seen of how to do the various meditations,
         from walking, optimal future self, living in the flow all the way to the essential
         practice I would recommend as necessary for everybody and easy enought - the
         breathing meditation.  Go to

       Free "quick" meditation downloads (and others) - John Selby - An excellent selection
         and may wish also to become a member.  Go ahead and download at least the free
         ones and keep them in your player on the computer and carry them with you for
         instant access on your MP3 player.  1 to  5 minutes in general,  with specific
         objective meditations, including:  Breathing Easy, Relax After Work, Peace of Mind,
         Help in Forgiving, Short Meditation (3 min), Self Esteem Class, Breath Anchor Class,
         Sales Empathy Class, Defusing Anger, Good Night's Sleep,  Free From Worry, etc.

       Exercises list from's interviews with Eckhart Tolle on his book A New
          Earth.  Links into Exercises from each chapter, with general exercise, and audio
          meditations.  Watch the webcasts (or record downloads) in her interviews with
          Tolle on her site:

Hands-on - Meditation teacher Lisa Hepner, includes the opportunity
           for 21 days Meditation Circle (to practice and get feedback, via telephone).  Read
           the Evaluation.      

Buddhist meditations:
   - Some great e-books to download for free plus alot of other
           resources worth perusing and/or considering. 


The "industry standard" for training is Jon Kabat-Zinn's Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program, with proven results:  Series 1, Jon Kabat-Zinn's Mindful Meditation, 4 CD's, $30.  For a set of different lengths and variety of guided meditations:  Series 2, Mindfulness Meditations, $30.   Look at Series 3 also.


Note the free downloads, but you can also order from the Napier and/or Selby sites.  

Guided Meditations: For Calmness, Awareness, and Love, by Bodhipaksa - If you would like an introduction to Buddhist Meditation, this is the cd for you! The cd contains three lead meditations, 1) The Mindfulness of breathing practice. 2) The Metta Bhavana Practice (Loving Kindness) 3) Walking Mediation.



      A Master Guide To Meditation & Spiritual Growth, Roy Eugene Davis - Simple and to
         the point, with optional section for "spiritual".
      Mental Resilience, Kamal Sarma - An extremely intelligent treatment, with an excellent
         explanation and coverage of what the benefits are.  Excellent book.

  Deeper:  For those who want a deeper perspective, including some Eastern thought.

      The Meditator's Handbook, A Comprehensive Guide To Eastern & Western Meditation  
          Techniques, David Fontana - Includes meditations, philosophies, visualizations, and
          personal exploration.    

        Book and CD:  Wherever You Go, There You Are, Jon Kabat-Zinn, with his Guided
            Mindfulness Meditation CD    

         Insight Meditation, a kit of CDs, workbook, and study cards, by Sharon Salzberg
             and Joseph Goldstein.

         Added on this site:
                Program For Learning And Implementing Meditation - Including whether and
                    how it is worth it in concrete provale terms.

Meditation, Relaxation Contents/Links - Includes direct links to some audio meditations.

Program For Learning And Implementing Meditation - On this site.