For perspective, you might wish to read selected pieces from Success In Life on this site.
     See also under Financial/Material section, Business, Career, Work for helpful materials.

To achieve true success you need to have done the exercises under the Life Management section.

                                     See also Life Management, Creating The Person You Want To Be and
                                         Psychology, Confidence/Self-Esteem, the powerful person references
                                         Financial/Material, Business, for steps to create and assure business
                                    Recommended resources to also use:  Personal Growth Resources,
                                        Psychology Resources, Life Management Resources.   

                                    Success in Life - The Traveler's Gift 
                                    Success Is Not For Sissies - Success does not happen through miracles
                                       or luck.  You've gotta follow the clues and do the work!
                                    Traits of Successful People - See how you stack up and what else you
                                      need to do if you really want to be successful in life.
                                    What Have I Been Tolerating In My Life? - Get rid or alter those things that
                                       lower you, get in the way of excellence or inspiration, etc....

              Website:         Take the free Success IQ test.  Also, this guy has studied success
                                        scientifically, so he is worthwhile visiting with. 
                                        Real Science of Success  
                                    SuccessTelevision - Many, many videos (3 minutes usually, with preceding
                                        commercials) that are very good quality - something to go into and watch
                                         on a regular basis.  Impressive.


                                    Mandatory reference book for the long term, as it pretty much compiles all
                                        of the success principles and methods:
                                        The Successs Principles, Jack Canfield 
                                    The classic:  The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People, Stephen Covey
                                    Look for any of Brian Tracy's success books; I liked Million Dollar Habits.
                                    Look for books by John C. Maxwell, especially Your Roadmap For
                                       Success.  See also, especially go to Monthly
                                       audio, Real Potential, download, "The Most Essential Ingredients to
                                       Success" (answers at the end of the worksheet).
                                    Peruse and possibly buy:  The Everything Success Book, Nigro & Nigro
                                                                           Success For Dummies, Zig Ziglar
                                    Read any "dress for success" book
                                    See the Financial, Business subsection of this site
                                    For insights, peruse all the success books (some are in the business
                                        section, some in self-help)
                                        Make It Big!, Frank McKinney - Challenging! Uplifting!
                                        Masters of Success, Misner & Morgan - From Tony Robbins to Brian
                                            Tracy, Lou Holtz and many others.  
                                            Success leaves clues!!!!!  Copy them!
          CDs and DVDs: 
                                    The Strangest Secret - The "Classic" and a necessary solid grounding in
                                         what success is and where it comes from.  (
                                    The Secret - The most popular of all time.  Good coverage and useful if
                                        integrated with the rest of what is needed.  Comments on this are  
                                        included in The Success Process: From The Idea To The Result
                                        (Success section) and from the Philosophy section:  Getting What You

See also Resources For Success (a virtual duplicate of this plus a few extra items.  (Will be integrated into one later.)

See especially on that page the links into the top gurus of success - with links to free videos and audios.