We've all heard, but seemingly have not utilized, the law of action and reaction:  

Newton's Third Law:  For every action, there is a reaction.

Corollary:  For every reaction, there is a corresponding action.

(This is the same basic idea as The Laws of Cause And Effect.)


ALL of life is physical.  Even our "spiritual" is physical, where something happens and if we see it, our brain brings up patterns that elicit chemical signals that we call emotions, which then causes behavior and likely further thought.   We, however, have a powerful enough higher brain to create "meaning" to it all in reference to ourselves and our survival, thanks to evolution.  (You must understand the very simple basics of evolution:  See Evolution.  Understand Your Mechanical Brain/Body reality.)

​We often operate under "positive thinking cause and effect" delusions that defy physics.  In The Secret (movie, book), the impression can be had that a thought can create something in "the universe", so that we can "manifest it" in reality, depending on how hard and positively we think it.   Bullbleep!  The positive thinking must always affect the next thing in the causal chain - and that thing will not be "instant car".   There is always a "system" (or a procedure) for getting to a result at the end of a chain of actions and thoughts - there is no "add positivity water and get instant results"!  

I like the way Sam Carpenter puts it:  "Each result of your life is the product of the system that preceded it!" and, put differently:  "Every result in your life (and business) is preceded by a set of linear steps: a 1-2-3 step 'system' that executes over time."


If you get an undesired result, does that mean you are flawed as a basic unit or that you simply executed via a bad system, as you didn't effectively know the right one or you would have used that one?  (Knowing "of" or "about" what "should be" done is not the same as "effectively knowing" - this is a basic "law" that you must know!  Know: Effective, Real Learning - To Get What You Really Want In Life.) 

It is preposterous to conclude that one is therefore a "flawed" basic unit.  (Know, for sure!: No Fault.)


The process is always the same:  notice the undesired result, see what caused it, revise the action/cause to a series of action that will cause the desired result.  Really simple!  (But some people resist it, thinking it is too technical - but everything we do is a "technical" piece of information, we just think it isn't, reasoning that it is different if it came by default or accident rather than "thinking".)  [See the Breakdown/Breakthrough forms that use this process.) 

To not apply this process is the virtual equivalent of choosing to maintain insanity (disordered thinking that does not produce right results).  Most people accept the idea that "it is insane to think one will get a different result by keeping on doing the same thing" or its sister version of "if I do it harder, then I'll get different results" (!).

The ultimate high sanity is to anticipate and design systems that work for areas of high impact in life - ahead of time, instead of just by reacting.  This is similar to the idea of teaching a child not to step out into the traffic - which is an item of high impact and one that is anticipatable.  

In between, there is an area where we attempt to fix things but we stop short because we no longer feel the need or because it seems too hard.  (In the latter case, it is easier to fix a problem than to have to re-experience and partially fix the problem each time!!!!)  The land of "insight", "tips", "being comforted" is "helpful" but not sufficient - it is often a shortcut to handle the short term recovery to "feeling good" but not handle the long term so that one will re-experience the same problem.  It is the seeking to achieve "comfort" in the short term approach, where one usually is incurring pain long term.  (Some people will call this "booooring!", but where it matters we should go through to completion, where the motto is "what we do not complete, we are doomed to repeat!" - corny, but true.)

In the real world, there is no such thing as "right-wrong", as that is simply a "mental construct".   There is only "what works" to get a desired result and "what doesn't work" to get a desired result.  Yet we "make up" that right-wrong is a fact, a truth, a reality - which is total bullbleep! ​(You MUST know the reasoning behind all of this, or you'll continue to apply this unworkable system and continue to get lots of undesired results, especially "feeling bad" a lot of the time.  Know Good/Bad, Right/Wrong Vs. Workable - What Is True?)


In the real world, our primary task is to assure that we have systems of knowledge that work to help us devise systems of thinking and action that work to produce the results we want in life.  This always requires the same process:  Decide what we want in life, learn how things work, devise a system to work those mechanics to get the result we want.  This is called "planning" - which, in itself, is a system to help us determine and get the results we want.  Many people consider it to be too much trouble to do, so they proceed to waste lots of time and effort in fruitless efforts and/or on low/no impact items!  How sane is that? 

In this site, we propose that you devise a lifeplan in an "overall" fashion and then to revise it, but first to "pick the low hanging fruit" that will cause immediate gains and free up time so that we can do what is of higher importance.  (See Creating Your Life Plan - The Most Significant Exercise Of All! for the overview and perhaps for setting up the notebook, so it is available.   But you'll do it later after doing this series of quick improvements and most effective improvements.  Of course, you'll have to handle emergencies, but do not let emergencies take up your life when you can devise better ways to not have the emergencies and/or problems in the first place!  Work on the programs in the area of your interest or of a big problem, rather than doing a 'band-aid' approach!)  


The formula for not having a great life:   Pile up unsolved problems, keep on doing what doesn't work.

However, notice what is done in Living Life As A Life Champion

​If one is of a "fixed mindset", one sees life as trying to measure up or trying to be correct in doing what is correct.  An example is "I try to say things the way you expect of me...", which is coming from a point of view of a fixed mindset and not from a point of view of "what will it do for me?" (a results oriented approach) and "what can I learn from this?" (and there is no fault, only something to be learned).  This is written about in The Measured "Fixed" Entity Versus The Growth Mindset - Screwed At The Start, Versus The Alternative.  Heeding this is essential to having a good life - and if you heed it fully, you'll have a great, great life!

Notice that none of this is about right/wrong (whether you are bad or good if you follow a procedure) but is about "what works" - you either heed the above, do the work and get the results or you don't.   That's it.  Simple. 

"This is too much work this way.  Can I just do part of it, as I'm not up to doing it all.​"

Sure, that is a choice you can make.  And you'll always get the corresponding results to the system you create.  If you have not completed a workable system, you'll continue to get the undesired results.  Of course, it is always your choice.  You do not have to spend the effort to "buy" the better results:  You Must Pay The Price To Get What You Want - Almost Everything You Want Has A Price - of course, an alternative is to hope it'll just happen miraculously...  

Listing Of The Principles And Laws Of Life ​


The Law Of Cause And Effect

The Law Of You Reap What You Sow (link to outside article) 

You Must Pay The Price To Get What You Want  


Everything in this world operates as a system, with one thing affecting another.  If we let ourselves act at random or with a poor system, we will often get undesired results.  If we get undesired results, then we must go back and devise a system that works to get the desired results!  Simple, but many keep on insisting on violating this - this is analogous to violating the law of gravity and somehow thinking you won't get a bad result!

Always look at results and then just work your way back to see what the system is and to revise it if it does not produce the results you want. 

This is an objective reality.  Not some "this is the righteous thing to do" concept!