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Without doing this, you cannot possibly attain the best life for you!

Values, Standards, Rules - Constructing A Foundation For Your Life - Main Page - "Like a teenager first contemplating sex...


The Principle Of Standards - It's About The Results You Want In Life  

Determining My Standards For Success In Life

My Standards and Values - Standards indicate how you set limits both against and for.  This will transform your behaviors by how you engage in the clarification in this process. Spend at least a half hour and then add to it over time.  Vital to
success in life.  A listing form, with an example.


My Overall Standards For My Life - This Or Better, Period! - From K's plan

Values- The Contents We Work With To Create A Great Life - Main discussion and overview

Values Listing - A form with a values list, how you mightexpress them, and the obstacles to expressing them.
Which People I Admire - From this you can identify what you value.
     Who I Would Like Most To Be Or Be Like

These related super-strongly to The Meaning Of Life, Life's Purpose - The Why And The Wherefore Of Life - Read this to further clarify values in life.


Set Your Standards And Rules First! - Without These, Randomness And Reactivity Can Rule! - The areas to set standards in.  An example listing of some standards.

Rules - Towards Living My Best Life - About the importance of setting rules (from my values and standards)

The Rules For My Life - Guidelines For A Fulfilled, Happy Life - Specific rules for me.

Rule-guides For My Life - How Then Shall I Live? Living Wholesomeness - Another set of specific rules, in a different type of format.
My Cardinal Rule For My Life - The Central One For Strength In Life - This is the most important central rule:  Maintaining that core from which we generate it all.

From others

12 Rules I Live By - Craig Ballantine - Another example, from his site.

Kekich's 100 Credo's - A very good complilation of what works in life.   

What I Will Not Tolerate - Make a list of what you've been tolerating. and will no longer tolerate..