Success leaves clues
What you do comes from "who you be"
Be not a "gradually boiling frog"!
Make the choice to do these behaviors and build these habits
The behaviors of people who succeed are....


Success, in this case, is not about high achievement in one area of speciality, but is about achieving the desired results that one has carefully decided on for one' life.  (See Success In Life.)


The old saying is "In order to be successful, you've got to do what successful people do."  

Well, that ain't no secret. 

In this section, we'll make clearer what they do.  And then we'll link into how to make that a reality for you.


Read also The Traits Of Successful People.  Please note that people choose their actions from a particular state of being (or a viewpoint, if you prefer that term).  If you're tired, you choose differently than if you're rested.  If you're fearful, you'll choose different actions.  If you're determined, you'll make different choices.

Do:  You should list, in writing, what traits you want and then which you're willing to actually create for yourself.  (Write quickly on one page; come back later to edit if you wish.)


Read Success In Living Life Fully Versus Losing Years and Years Of Life to see and determine where you are between the "gradually boiling frog" syndrome and living a full, vital life. 

Do:  Decide what you're doing that is holding you back or allowing you to languish.  Decide what you will do that has you being progressive and successful.  Decide which you will stop and which you will do.  (Write quickly on one or two pages; come back later to edit if you wish.)


(The list is coming.  However, do what follows!  And read about success.)

Some of the behaviors that are useful are included in PRACTICES For Success.   Either do these or choose not being successful.  Your choice!

Read, oddly enough, two books with the same title, both of which are highly recommended:  Million Dollar Habits, one by Brian Tracy and one by Robert Ringer.

Take the free SUCCESS IQ TEST on  Real Science of Success.  

Do:  Write out a list of what you are willing to adopt and what you willing to create; must do using just one sheet, do it quickly, then revise later.


ALL people who are successful in overall life, use these behaviors.  It is true that some people can succeed in business without following all of these, but other areas suffer.  Use these and no area of your life will be one of suffering.  And each will be an area of aliveness, of flourishing, of creating what you really, really want.

Elsewhere in this section we discuss the tools that work, the principles that work, and the steps that are necessary for success in any one endeavor.  And, of course, you would want to use them as much as possible. 

Here's the list of what a very succesful person does in life:

I.  Pays attention to what is working and what isn't working and deals with it immediately.  There is zero tolerance for anything that reduces his/her aliveness - he/she will not allow it to drag him/her down for any longer than the minimum.  And each bit of his/her life is held to be precious, so he/she identifies and develop his/her greatest abilities and whatever will help him/her get what he/she truly wants - but only after a rigorous process of actually determining what he/she really, really wants - no flying blind!   And he/she writes these things out to assure that they are complete and fully thought through.   Maximizing this would naturally lean toward Living The 80/20 Way, which will dramatically alter one's life.   Consider Living Life As A Life Champion.

Do:  He/she creates a clear listing and writeup of his/her values and the rules that support them and help guide him/her to live out those values.  He/she knows what is important and handles keeping him/herself in a highly capable productive capacity.  (See Homeostasis and High State Of Resourcefulness.)

___ I have a clearly written set of values and rules to live my life from.

II.  He/she sets up systems and people which will hold him/her accountable and keep him/her on track.  (See Coaching page and Why To Monitor.)

___ I have great systems and people supporting me

III.  Fully anticipates future consequences, projecting the movie out to predict the chain of events and actions that will produce the undesired end of the movie if you keep doing the little wrong things and the desired end of the movie if you build in doing the little right things.  He/she becomes a good predictor.  Most people, as proven in studies, do not even accurately predict what will make them happy - and as a result end up going down the wrong path.

___ I have carefully considered all the consequences and been rigorous about this, especially on big decisions.

IV.  He/she is proactive (anticipating what is needed and doing it, instead of re-acting to something after it happens) and engages in action as soon as possible, focussing on what will have the most effect, using some version of The 80/20 Principle (upper right hand of that link).

He/she is not dependent at all, or if he/she has that tendency he/she will quickly correct it, as in # I above.  He/she drives his/her life and is not driven by his/her life, owning everything that occurs in his/her life, regardless of what caused it.

He/she realizes that it is small actions every day that build the long term "edifice" of their lives.

___ I am being totally proactive and self-sufficient.

V.  He/she learns from watching (or consulting with) the best in whatever it is he/she wants to master.   He/she puts alot of attention on doing this right, seeking the right resource, instead of settling...

He/she knows that there is always a way to learn a skill, a viewpoint, and a way to succeed.
___ I set it up so that I am learning from the best, systematically and timely.

VI.  He/she creates and enforces boundaries, neither allowing others to infringe into his/her "property" over his/her fence nor violating others property boundaries (he/she does not fix other people's life houses, at all, though he/she is happy to help upon request, but only if the other is committed to follow through).  In this way, he/she experiences total freedom and control in his/her life.  He/she sets up rules that establish boundaries for him/her (and those who would infringe) to follow, creating some "no choice" behaviors.  (See The No Exceptions Commitment.) 

___ I have created strong and clear boundaries, over which I do not step nor allow others to step.

If you make few careful and conscious choices, your life will be determined by your non-conscious defaults - and those are made by the lower, "dumb" brain. 

Your choice.