Check off below which of these you are following, even to a small degree.  Adopt any of these you might have forgotten, so that you can be very sure of not being successful.  Or even better, don't do this and don't let yourself be aware, so that you can have the wonderfulness of living Groundhog Day every day - and forget even about occasional spurts toward getting better.

__ Above all don't decide what you actually want or at least be unclear about it.

   __ And then don't decide what to do or make any corrections needed.

__ Don't measure your progress or state.  Let things drift toward degradation or no progress.

__ Hide how you are doing, creating an effective mask.  Be very concerned about what others think.

     Corollary:  __ Don't let yourself (or hold yourself) accountable, so you can get
        away with being/doing less.

__ Be sure not to follow-through or do completion.  Remember that it is too much effort and that you are powerless, since you have ADD, are too easily distracted, just curious so you do alot of diversions, must pay attention to your unsolved problems, and/or are too stressed too to do it.

__ Be sure not to pay attention to feedback you are getting, such as how you are affecting your spouse or mumbling or...

__ Remember that you are powerless and that it is other people that manipulate you or take advantage of you and/or are more important than you - and especially that you must get their approval, and spend alot of time hiding who you are and/or what you are doing.  This really works to help get in the way of success!

__ Seek diversion and relief from your anxieties.

   __ And don't examine your beliefs or seek guidance in regard to them.
        __ But if you accidentally get some corrected beliefs, don't install them or put 
             them into your brain to be automatic.  Forget about them, which you'll do if
             you don't memorize them and have full confidence in the rationale for the
             workable beliefs. Be sure to say "I just can't get away from my old beliefs. 
             They're permanent. They are just a part of me; they're just me, they're just
             who I am.

__ Have it be ok to use victim language and to be sloppy about what you say, being sure not to use powerful languaging.  Be sure to deride it as "too much trouble" and/or "being too picky." 

__ Be sure not to develop anydy of the traits of successful people and especially to not do any of the behaviors and habits of successful people.

__ A super great way not to be successful in life is to achieve great success in some noble (or not) area and engaging yourself in being miserable along the way, being self-critical, being "at the effect" or life or even better feel like a child but set up a great mask.


Picking more than 3 of these to continue following indicates that you will continue to achieve the objective of continuing to not be successful - and for a good reason!

I'd suggest that you consider this instead: Checklist For Success.

Additional support for being sure to not be successful:

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