What should I say to myself and how should I say it, for my best life?

As an all-wise person would do with me, so will I treat myself.  

I am always kind, patient and loving with myself.

I shall live a happy, paced life.  I shall love every bit of life.

I pace, pause, plan and am peaceful in my life.  Yes, I respond to emergencies, but otherwise I pace myself smoothly through the day.

I am not at all dependent on recognition from others and I do not seek approval from external sources.  I do, however, deliver value and keep myself in high integrity.

I enjoy breathing and seeing and sensing and that is life!   I have no expectations of musts beyond the basics. (I don't set myself up for falling short or criticism.)

I only get one chance to do life right.  I will use it to the maximum I can in building myself to live it better and better and in never criticizing myself or others.


I do what I do and that is enough.  I decide what to do and then I do it as well as I can, knowing more than enough will work out.  I rest when I am tired, so that I can live with the energy to have a zest for living!

I don't have to be great, extraordinary or better than others or recognized by others in order to be ok.  I don't play the worth game.
I contribute what I can but with no judgment.
I enjoy doing what I can,  and I realize that I am human and limited, not some unrealistic ideal of what a human should be.  And I do not use those limitation to compromise my integrity or use it as an excuse.   
Instead, I am always kind and accepting of myself.
I have a miraculous body but it is limited. It will malfunction at times.  And, so it is.
This is a great, great world...and I am so grateful for all I have.

Taking care of what I need to take care of:

I gladly invest in my future and do what supports me and others.
I am supporting life for the time I have on this earth.  It is a must, not a choice to resist.
I can do virtually anything another person can do, given my time and efforts to do so.  I must, however, choose.


When I "let myself down" or don't do what is "expected", instead of slipping into this culture's conversation, I take a break from all that and say:

"For the next 1/2 hour":

This is my happy time.
I am happy for this miracle of my being born, my incredible body/mind.
I am happy with my body and brain!.  I treat myself with super kindness no matter what.
I am happy no matter what.  For just existing!  No requirement, to just be!


My View Of Life

Notes for later inclusion:

My intentions for myself

Doing what works in life.
happy and effective, calm. 
I take care of myself

My dominant rules for my life:

Unless it reaches someone and create a result, don't start!!!   

The Core Belief Statements Underlying Negative, Harmful Thinking - These are statements about life, but ones that need to be corrected.   Correcting poor core beliefs is essential.

The correct core beliefs are "I am powerful."  "I am capable."  "I can handle life."  "There is no question of being good enough - and I don't play that game."

Yes, these are in the range of affirmations, as they affirm what is true and solid, but these are heartfelt and very decided.