The following is an excerpt from: From Here To Enlightenment In 3-5 years , a piece including an overview  on enlightenment, written for Alex.

Note that it includes "practical" books, as I believe true enlightenment is not dealing with the ether but in having a rational, wisdom-based viewpoint and practices based upon those.  


To get started:

Commit to the minimum and planned number of hours per week you will spend on this 
        Minimum ___ hrs/wk (4 or more)
        Planned    ___ hrs/wk (8 or more, 10+ is a better commitment )

Read in this order:

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey
First Things First, Stephen Covey
The Seven Pillars of Health, Don Colbert, M.D. (The body is the “temple of the 
Guide to Rational Living, Albert Ellis
Love Is Being Happy With, Bears (It is about life overall, not love only.)
Prisoners of Belief, Matthew McKay, Ph.D.
Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life – Living The Wisdom of the Tao, Wayne 
     W. Dyer
Metaphysical Fitness, David Harp and Dr. Nina Feldman
The Art Of Power, Thich Nhat Hanh
Ask And It Is Given, Esther and Jerry Hicks (a higher level of The Law Of Attraction 
     and The Secret) - Not to be taken literally but to look at and choose.
The Science of Happiness, Stefan Klein (OK if this is the first you read)
Managing Your Mind, Gillian Butler, Ph.D. and Tony Hope, M.D.
Undoing Perpetual Stress, Richard O’Connor
The Joy Of Living, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche
Comfortable With Uncertainty, Pema Chodron
Babaji, Meeting With Truth, Dr. Shdema Goodman
Being Zen, Bringing Meditation To Life, Ezra Bayda (Very practical, understandable)
If Life Is A Game, These Are The Rules, Cherie Carter-Scott, Ph.D. 
The Twelve Universal Laws Of Success, Herbert Harris
Awaken The Giant Within, Anthony Robbins  - Also read his earlier book, Unlimited 

While doing this:

Explore and read the Summary or top sections in the key subject areas you are interested in, and let me know what they are, in and 

      Learn operating with “no-blame” - You can't be enlightened without this!!! 

Watch DVDs:  (Take notes, make sure it is thoroughly understood.)

    What The Bleep Do We Know
    Down The Rabbit Hole
    The Secret (“Get” the idea of never allowing yourself to entertain negative 
    Everyone Can Be Happy Including You (Option Institute)
    Making Love Last (Option Institute)

Best CD set of all time:

30 Days To Personal Power, Anthony Robbins (Don’t get the new 7 day one!)

Schedule as soon as feasible:

Take the Landmark Forum
Take the Landmark Advanced
Do the Landmark seminars for ongoing exposure to “the conversation”, get higher level associates

A meditation class to acquire the basic skills and knowledge.

Other items to learn from

Learn and practice the key 80/20 skills (

Take Fearless at the Option Institute     


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