Most people have heard that "you create your own reality" but they dismiss it as something mystical or something they can't do anything about anyway.  Of course, most have also heard of affirmations, but few use them well or long enough to make a difference. 

The concept is fairly non-complex.  One basically perceives what actually occurs (even factual things) through a filter, which the dumber parts of your brain create, to make things simpler.  That filter consists of beliefs and fears (fears are actually from beliefs). 

Then your experience of life (your actual reality) is often one of unhappiness or at least one of less happiness than would be possible with a clearer lens to view life through.  If you have relationship problems, work problems, psychological problems or any problems beyond just a few and/or if you judge yourself and/or others, you have a perception of reality problem and correspondingly a less than possible happiness level.  Not good!

You can know they exist just by observing how people react differently in the exact same situation (to what actually occurs).  Since there can only be one true reality, each person must be creating their own reality if what they perceive and believe is different from others and if their responses are different.

Make sense?

The answer to the question above is:  Yes!  It should be changed, as it is for almost everyone full of nonsense that is creating unhappiness.


Since we can see that some people are happy in the same circumstances that others are unhappy in, there must at least be a "better" personal reality that would be good to have.  Therefore, it seems that you'd want to create any belief that would make you happy, real or not - and that is true to some extent.  But note that you'll find that truly happy people have viewpoints that are closer to actual reality.  (A sample of one viewpoint:  The Viewpoints And Affirmations Of A Happy Woman in the Examples Of Philosophies Of Happy People section.)  

In fact, virtually all unhappiness is created by not accepting (or knowing) reality.  They fight with it, plus they also experience problems as they "run smack dab into reality" - a bit like gravity's effect if you violate that law! 

[If you want more on this, read Fact, "Truth", Reality, And Perception.]

Many people have blindspots where they have thought something for so long that they actually believe it is the indisputable truth - but it ain't. 

Although they progress in many more ways, the Landmark Forum trainers spend a great deal of time teaching people to know that they have blindspots, misbeliefs believed to be true, and "stories" they make up about what happens.  And those stories are what perpetuate the unhappiness.  Once someone sees that they aren't true, their way of being and their attitude changes noticeably (to one that is more life enhancing and not so fearful or restricted).  [See the resources in Trainings In Life.]

In fact, we humans spend alot of time and effort trying to prove that what we think is "right".  We even try to prove that what is actually scientifically verifiable is not true (or we ignore it or deny it).  [If you want more on playing the right/wrong game, read The Reasoning For No-Blame (in fact, read it for general reasons, as it will alter your life if you accept the reasoning).]

Plus we make huge mistakes in what we do simply because we do not see what works in life, what reality is, and what the principles and laws of a workable life are. 


Most people are dilettantes (dabblers) in learning how to better run their lives, so few of you will actually go beyond this page (and many never got to this point even).  I challenge you to create a much better personal reality and to create the happiness that you so well deserve - beyond what you might think is the highest possibility.

Spend some time exploring the links and the resources that can help you transform your reality to one that works!

See, below, the Readings and Trainings that will be helpful here.

Readings - Short, to the point

The Experience Of Life - It happens through your emotions, which are determined by your thoughts!
Accepting Reality - A major producer of happiness.

Modules (over 10 pages and more comprehensive)
Change Your Mind And Your Life Will Follow - Part of Key Thoughts And Behaviors To Choose To Attain Personal Happiness And Peace - Stage I - We create our lives through our thinking, our viewpoints, our delusions, our focus, our perceptions - many of which are creating unnecessary unhappiness and limitations.
Happiness Module: Becoming More Happy - 30 pages covering alot of material, with exercises, forms, etc.
Reconstructing Our Viewpoints and Mindsets - Change those and your life will transform.


        To Love Is To Be Happy With, Barry Neil Kaufman - Stop creating and using
            beliefs that don't serve for the greater good. 
                    Read "Why You Should Read To Love Is To Be Happy With."                
        The Science of Happiness, Stefan Klein - Covers the key insights from the science of
           the brain all the way to what works to create happiness - and what not to waste your
           time on.       


This is the quickest way to get a jump start toward wisdom, freedom, and greater happiness.

See Trainings In Life.