The realities of life I accept 
My decision

Mental and emotional health come when one accepts the realities of life - and then works in accordance with them!  This is your task, on the path to happiness!

Freeing oneself up from myths and false beliefs will save one a huge amount of energy.  It is a waste of energy to resist reality (as it won't change) and to wish things were different (for they won't be!).  It is absolutely uniintelligent to resist reality.   See Accepting Reality, which is one of the factors contributing to Power In Life.  Not accepting reality is the source of Suffering.

It is best just to respond and do whatever will push things forward. And it is essential to have a good "coping" statement that causes one to return to "sanity."  An example, though you may modify it, would be "I accept reality.  I simply move on and create what I want" and/or "I am powerful.  Circumstances do not rule me.  I simply deal with them and make happen what I want." 



I recognize the following as realities.  I henceforth do not resist them or wish they were different, for that would be a waste of effort.  (All of these are provable.)

There are laws, principles, and the way things work that I must align with to live a good life(!).

I must take total responsibility for myself.  I am no longer a child and I shall never be.  No one will rescue me consistently.  I am not a victim. 

I must give up regret and worry as unworkable.  Worry does not work.  Regretting the past does not work.  I choose to follow this truth.

Undesired outcomes happen.  We cannot control all outcomes.   I will seek, instead, to simply do what I can once the inevitable undesired outcomes happen. 

Most people are basically good, but not perfectly evolved.   All people merely operate from survival and self interests and are generally good.  However, bad information causes dysfunctional behavior in trying to reach those goals, so harmful behaviors do happen.  Overall humans are good and do much more good than harm.  That is as good as it can be.  

I am human and I am not perfect.  I make mistakes.  It is best that I simply accept that.

I’ll be ok almost no matter what happens.  Humans adapt and things work out.  Studies show that people adjust back to basic happiness levels within a year, even if they become paraplegics.  I shall not make myself miserable by doing the human misestimating of future pain. 

Life is not fair.  Life will never revolve around oneself (except in one’s own world).  Life is objective but overall supportive.  

Our parents are imperfect and had limited knowledge and are not to blame.  We simply must take whatever we got and move on to create something better. 

Human beings are not fixed and do not have permanent characteristics.  They can grow and change.  Anyone with cognitive ability can learn what it takes!

No love from another person will save me.   Unconditional love does not exist, though enlightened love is possible.  I don’t buy into the “love will solve all” myth. 

There is always enough to meet our needs, in this country.  It is fruitless to worry about it.  It is only appropriate for us to do our best to meet our needs and appreciate what we have, keeping it in realistic perspective.  

People create their own suffering.  Life by itself has some occasional pain but not suffering attached to it as an integral part. 

We will die.  But meanwhile we will live.  It is up to me to enjoy the interim and not be concerned with the end of it. 

The Serenity Prayer is also a truth:

May I have the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
The courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference.


I accept the realities of life and I let go of my resistance and/or wishing it were otherwise, for that would be useless, a waste of time and ultimately harmful.  I put the myths and fabrications aside and I operate from what is real and from what is logical and well-reasoned. 

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