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2.  Allow quick access to protocols and ways of dealing with and minimizing the effects of illnesses.

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See the sections on the care of your body and the other items in the "Managing Your Life For Great Physical Health and Vitality".

Print these summaries and tracking sheets the minute you have symptoms, and then follow them:


         Colds, Coughs, And/or Sinuses - Care and Treatment - A quick review of the arsenal (supplies)
              to have on hand and what is necessary to minimize and/or eliminate the downsides. 
              Consider Nasalcrom also.

              Instant Reference - Colds - A checklist that is immediately implementable, plus the "kit"
                  to keep available at all times:

          Flus (use  until we do the summary)

         Clearing Up Chest Congestion - Quickly and well, before it breeds infection.


         Sinuses - Successful Treatment - More detailed coverage, with a questionnaire to fill out for the
              doctor to make sure all the points are covered.  See Silent Reflux

Pain And Physical Discomfort - What should you do?  Alter your lifestyle, use less energy?


Heartburn, Acid or Silent Reflux - Was the source of throat and sinus problems for me.
What To Do When Sick 

Cancer related

         Prostate cancer odds and detection - Indicators, when to have biopsies, how to detect.
        The 55 Sample Prostate Superbiopsy "Procedure" And My Experience And Learning, And Loving
             The Catheter... - and the analogy for what it means for anything physical...and the
             psychological aspects involved.

MEDICAL INFORMATION/RESEARCH/READING:   Of course, using an expert directly is more reliable as they have more experience and can direct knowledge to your situation, i.e. a medical doctor.

Probably use first:      
Also all excellent:


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