(The Happiness Plan format and pages, with all the steps, will be developed from this, but you can do these right now by going to the sections of the items mentioned.)  See the next piece in this series:  The Program For Increasing Happiness - Learning And Doing It, In A Practical Way.

THE OBJECTIVE:  To produce the greatest amount of accumulated, enduring, deep happiness I can.

A plan is effective if you have

1. An overview so you can choose what works best 

       This, of course, requires learning, preferably in a systematic way.   See the overviews
           linked in below .

2. Specific doable actions that are not just concepts. 

Enter the action/subject items mentioned below into the search engine (or follow the hierarchy of navigation bars to go to the area and deeper detail) to learn about that item – that is your action plan for now.  Later, we’ll add another one with a different sequence and a detailed list of steps.  But do what is suggested now and you’ll be formulating and implementing what works in life.  It is suggested that you approach this with the intent to get the overview and then to focus on the key items that will make a difference, returning later to polish off the other items when you have the time.

The first part is to know what life is about.  Read  WHAT IS LIFE ABOUT?  HOW TO MAXIMIZE HAPPINESS.  It is about “accumulated value”, which means we must focus on doing things that we value (and which are valuable to our living good lives)

Happiness is the sum total of one’s good memories/recallings plus one’s estimation of how great life is and of oneself as an effective, worthwhile human being.


Add contributors + reduce negatives = More happiness


            Non/low payoff practices (make room for higher payoffs)
            Negative payoff practices (stop the subtraction!!!)
            Negative, incorrect beliefs that cause unhappiness -Replies to the key unhappiness
                creating conversations, installed ready, internalized, believed

Increase High/medium payoff practices

To learn more of what produces happiness, read the two primary pieces contrasting happy people with unhappy people:  Happy People Contrasted With Unhappy People and  The Primary Attributes Of Happy And Unhappy People plus  read in the Happiness section what produces happiness, some of which are included below.  Know what produces happiness so that you can go about the process of doing just that (read Happiness Creators and link into further detail also).



            Negative, incorrect beliefs that cause happiness
            Dependency on "out there"
            Stress due to imbalances and artificial threats  
            Non/low payoff practices (make room for higher payoffs)
                   Stop trying to control the non/less controllable (especially others' behavior/approval)
                   Drop distracting (or 'numbing") activities
                   Cut 40% of your activities, as suggested on
            Negative practices (stop the subtraction!!!)
                    Reduce "short term payoff, long term cost" practices
                             Reactivity/upset increasing items (smoking, drinking, dramatizing…)

Increase High/medium payoff practices

     Strong personal foundation (personal philosophy)
     Practices that build for the long term, but all right for short term

The five quickest big payoffs

    21 day meditation circle
    The foundational personal life philosophy – Build one (or you'll constantly be wandering)
    The “loss perspective” – Gain the perspective so that you don’t suffer from the
          delusion of believing there are threats in the form of real losses. 
          See Havingness Vs. Losses.
(See the end of this piece for references list.)

Embrace the enduring happiness factors

     The practices (habitual doings) that are productive.  (See The Happiness Practices.)
Get rid of the barriers
    Fear signals

        Meditation to reprogram, learn focus, recognize thoughts as only passing thoughts and not
        Loss and confidence in self to do well
              -  Practices to do that increase confidence in self (such as journaling what you have
                 observed and learned and committing to implementing those; noting mistakes,
                 analyzing, deciding what to do better in future, daily)
        Problem solving – Learning and knowing you have this skill
        Understanding – Learning and knowing what causes fear and how to deal with it

The Barriers

    Fear of “losing”
         Anxiety - what is its foundation - the 1st question
                   Feeling of
                   Of outcomes
          Bad consequences – Fear of (see Fearlessness.)
    Survival related (built in instincts, which can be counterproductive)
              The basic concept of being in control
        I am what I do
    Undue and unnecessary stressors



The solutions - Removing the barriers

    We seek peace and happiness, yet we do things that create the opposite or don’t do 
           anything to create what we want
    Man’s eternal seeking - trying to transcend in mystical ways
          "Bad-thought" control vs. changing the basis of the thought
          Detachment, being the witness
    Reconstructing the philosophical base and system
    New beliefs
    Reinforcers, retrainers
        Tapes, CDs
    Focus – Learn to focus on what you want, plus learn how to focus as a skill
         Use of contrast - die, no feet, etc.
    Contributing rituals (anx.stress)
         Daily schedule
    Balance (anx.stress)
    Stress causers and reducers (anx.stress)
    Discovery and analysis
    Mechanisms, systems
        Worry log, committed to the “problem solving” portion of the log
The Selves – Learn the Persona you slip into


See the next piece in this seriesThe Program For Increasing Happiness - Learning And Doing It, In A Practical Way.

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