See, after the simple, slam it into place recommendations, the software recommendations for 2016!  (In the last section.)

It is vital that you have a system set up that works.  I've revised and tried to perfect many and I have let many "go under".  There is no perfect system, so go with these well-designed systems, then, after everything is working well, you can revise them.  Don't waste time trying to devise the perfect system or your own system.


(2016, from blog)

I have spent massive amounts of time trying out different systems of task management over the years but not quite settling on one.  (I failed to follow the Rule Of Completion, as I Stopped Short.)

If you're reading this and haven't settled on a system, it is time to settle for a system that works and is implementable easily and for sure.  For those eternally looking for the perfect system and caught up in massive indecision and barriers to starting, JUST DO IT!

Here is what will work.  Get it into effect and learn the systems right away, as they will save you time and make you a better manager of life.

(Incidentally, "superbly working" means I can write down what is needed with assured follow up and that I can find what I need, in an efficient and effective way.)

These are no or low cost.  The low cost ones should be done even if there is a no cost version, but each of the low cost items do have a no cost version you can start with.

Google Chrome (search engine, but integrated with other free functions and programs)
Google Drive (all free) - Interesting abilities to "share" with others
   Google Docs, Spreadsheet, Slides
GMail (free, can post tasks from it into your task manager)
Google eBlogger (Free)

Task and calendar management

gQueues (task manager, drag and drop even on the calendar, tags, easy, integrates with Google Calendar, etc., can use tree outline hierarchical structure) (free, but use below $30/year version) (GTasks, $5.99 one time, is workable but not as good) [See and consider:  Simplified, but Effective Task Management - You Can't Afford Not To Have A Good System In Place.]
Google Calendar (free)

Information management & "tickles"

Evernote (free, or $45/year)
Workflowy - Tree outline for list and organizing (free, but I use the yearly fee one)
Notes in idevices (for simple lists, like grocery or non-grocery things to buy, books to look at in bookstore, etc.)  [For quick notes to myself to look at and process after I finish what I am working on, I will use Google Keep, instead of "Sticky Notes".]
Reminders in idevices (These are alarms I can set up to "tickle" my memory, instead of cluttering up my calendar or task management system.)  Will use Google Keep as it appears on all devices.

Set those up, asap.  Then go about learning them, following the sequences (or videos on YouTube) to learn each of them.  You'll save massive amounts of time plus you'll be more effective!!!

I do have various notes on the site relative to these, but I have chosen not to set this up as an instruction manual, for there are plenty of good ones to use already.   Use the search engine to go to the relevant subject to see some notes I made for myself, so you can get the idea of a way to approach getting the systems to where I can work with them effectively.  You should make notes on each system as you learn how to do them, perhaps also getting a "Dummies" type book for them. 

(See also:  Program For Productivity And Time Management - The Central Road To An Incredible Life.  This is an area for you to fully master!!!!)


Although workable, this is only the simple system that I proposed as an alternative, in my Kindle book on "Life Value Productivity" (which you can link to from Books).

Buy the Franklin-Covey planning system - Select one.

    Either the software version - Desktop:  For Outlook ($99.95, For Windows ($79.95), or
         Online ($15/mo)
    Or the paper system - The Franklin planning Basic system, with binder 
             Compact:  9.5" wide x 7.8" high x 2" deep  (59.95) 
             Full size:  13.3" wide x 11" high x 2" deep  (59.95)

Standardize Schedule:  Copy or modify this standard schedule:  My Day - To Be A Healthy, Happy Person - The Path, A Committed Schedule To What I Think Is Worthy My While


Take Franklin-Covey class, asap:

    Outlook full day class online ($299)
    The Seven Habits Fundamentals Workshop - Online, lots of extras ($299)
    Tickle to later consider the other educational classes on time and productivity management

Read these primers:

The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey - The basics for running your life, with examples for implementation.  The biggest selling book of it sort for all time!  Must read.
Then look at the sidebar for more to learn.


No day unplanned
No life unplanned

Otherwise, you're blowing it, wasting a big part of the most valuable gift of all time!

How to manage the tasks easily

Simplified, but Effective Task Management - You Can't Afford Not To Have A Good System In Place

Later, the follow on program

Later, follow the refinement program to have a huge time, productivity, and planning advantage.

    NextProgram For Productivity And Time Management (could be in development, email me if needed sooner:  Contact.

   More experienced users who have not yet perfected their management: 

Program For Advanced Productivity And Time Management