This will be modified and updated in the coming months.  If you do this now (and then add the modifications later) you should be able to live life much more powerfully and happily, modifying your fear reactions and/or limitations for the better.

TIME:  Although one hour a week is helpful, for an optimal life, plan on spending no less than 5 hours a week on this - after all, it is YOUR LIFE!

(Those in underlined red are linked to the section containing those topics.  See Recommended Books and Recommended Websites and Services for a brief description on the books, websites and services.  Your kindness in using our links [at no cost to you, but a small fee back to us to help cover our costs of the website] is much appreciated and very helpful toward achieving the goals we are aiming for in making people's lives much better.)

Another approach:  The Psychology Book, Tying It All Together 


  QuikLearn Overview Modules
  Other Overview Pieces
  Emotion Management
  Psychological Health
  Philosophical, Life Training
  Personality Type and Implications


       Construction of Life Home - Rating
       Happiness Tests and the Happy Person Test Self-esteem and Stress tests
       The Underlying Basics of Life Management - From how we learn and need to unlearn to how
         to drop limitations and fears and achieve happiness.  This gives you a total life    
         perspective and a perspective on what works in life.  Should be invaluable for you.
  Installing Life Lessons And Practices on a free, daily coaching basis: .
  Other Overview Pieces
      Self Development - Overall - Methods of Learning
      Life Management - Constructing the LifeHome
      Life Management - The Management of Your Life Energy
      Psychology - Emotion Management - Threats and Fear
  Happiness (Psychology)
     HOW TO BE MORE HAPPY - Main Module
     HAPPINESS PRODUCERS - SUMMARY - Module          
     Gratitude - What I Have Compared to The Losses
     Happiness - Happiness Producers - Effectiveness Ratings
  Emotion Management (Psychology)
     Emotion Management - Sentences - My Rework of - Deeper Form, Simpler Form
     Emotion Management - Sentences - Reworking the Whole Conversation To Be Empowering
     Psych - Methods - Rational Analysis - What Happened
  Psychological Health  
     Psych - Overall - Compassion and The Human Condition - A Look At Yourself
     Psych - Overall - Core Statement Rework Process
     Scan-read Complete Confidence, Sheenah Hankins (Shame, guilt, self-pity all people hold
     Becoming Real, Gail Saltz, M.D. (Stories that you've perpetuated...)
  Philosophical, Life Training
     LANDMARK FORUM (Basic life training with excellent tools -
         See Recommended Websites and Services, we do not receive any fees from them)
  Self-esteem (regardless of your level, there is more to learn hear)  
     Barksdale Foundation (Both the Self-esteem and Stress Control parts)
  Personality Type and Implications
     The Wisdom of the Enneagram, Don Riso, (completely lays out motivations, fears, etc.
       of your personality type - tremendous tool)
  Begin LifeBooks LifePlan elements to construct a foundation for grounding and planning
  And read the following while doing the above (kindly buy at no extra cost through our link to
     The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey
     First Things First, Stephen Covey
     The 80-20 Principle, Richard Koch (and his book, Living the 80-20 Way)
     The Time Trap, Alec MacKenzie
     Radical Acceptance, Tara Brach
     The Real Age Makeover, Michael Roizen

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In each section, the key pieces are in capital letters at the top of each section.  Read those as an overview of the section.
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  The Case Studies in Life Management,
      and especially:
   Kevin's Journey To Life Success.
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