Note the Learning Modules/Plans by Area of Interest - click here to go to that section to see if a smaller, more specific module is what you would prefer.

Links from the QuikLearn modules will be listed on a separate page in this website, titled as Contents and then title of module.  Also, you may wish to print out the sitemaps, starting with Life Management, then to checkmark on those pages the documents to link into the items of interest that are listed below.  The ones you checkmark would represent your "study plan" of items you are interested in.

The written pieces that are mentioned are relatively short, except for The Underlying Basics, which cover alot more territory and tend to be 20-30 pages, but in key-point, Power Point style for quick perusal.

Read the piece entitled Growth The Right, Complete Way, under the Life Management section, Site Map I, to see if you agree and what you are willing to commit to.  (Just click the underlined colored link here.) 


To make it easier for you to know what to do next when you go to a section, we've pulled the key pieces up to the top, capitalized and bolded them, and then set them in the order to be read.


In all cases, Pre-Tests Are Recommended:  Do the tests first to get a baseline against which to measure your progress, plus they may give you some perspective, ideas, incentive, etc.

        Life Mastery Overview and Rating                       Tests and Tracking Forms page.


  Since not all of these are written yet, you can accomplish almost the same thing but in a different format by going to each key subject using the navigation bar(s) and reading the brief pieces in the summary modules section at the beginning of the section, using in Capital Letters.  Read these brief pieces and you'll get an overview plus learning alot.  Note (and put in a labeled file) "items to learn more about."  Later, you can go back to those sections you want to learn more about (and/or the Mastery Programs listed in the area) and complete the process to the degree that works for you at the time.

  Underlying Basics Part I - Childhood Development, Right Thinking, Truth, Made-ups, Limitations 
                                        and Barriers - Getting to Happiness  
  Underlying Basics Part II - Viewpoints, Breakthroughs, Responsibility, Creating Powerful Ways
                                         of Being, Impacts, Mastery, Clear Stands and Statements
  Underlying Basics Part III - Emotional Maturity, Desired Behaviors, and Mastery
  Underlying Basics - Creating and Keeping the Relationship You Can Thrive In
  Underlying Basics - Health and Physical Fitness
  Underlying Basics - Financial Mastery to the Level Needed


  Although it would be useful to do a quick review of the Pre-tests, you can skip it if you wish.
  Read the QuikLearn Overview Modules (see the section immediately above) and the Summary
     Modules (see in caps under complete learning plan)
  Review the LifeBook Notebooks   .
  Then pick and choose among the items in the LearningPlans or on the site maps.
  (The Landmark Forum is always recommended as Basic Training in life, people, viewpoints, and
     techniques that work. See the studies on its website, 


  The LifeBook Notebooks are designed to be functional for you, in terms of providing worksheets for       you to "complete" things and in terms of having a system that works to keep your life
     functioning well. This will provide a learning/doing program as you go through the notebooks,
     perhaps keying in on the items you prefer to do first.
  See LifeBook Notebooks and/or Site III, The Notebooks , which contains the contents/outlines.


This is soon to be developed.  for the time being, read the Underlying Basics of Life (recommended  1st) and/or The Key Summary Learning Modules (which have varying names currently, but it is the section that has introductory key pieces, usually in Capital Letters - only a few pieces, all reasonably short).  As you read these, keep a notepad (then file in a labeled folder) of "items need to learn more about."


   Link to: The Complete Learning Plan  

   Alternate day-by-day program for implementation - Says what to do on each day of
      participation, though you can break it up as you desire.

         Implementation Suggestions for LifePlans/Programs

LEARNING MODULES/PLANS BY AREA - See also the recommended Websites and Resources and Books(If an item listed below is not linked, it is not yet "totally" finished, though there may be pieces you might like to read, presently located in the relevant section of the site maps. Use the search engine.  Let me know if you'd be interested in any one topic first.)
[For now, just go to the general subject area via the sitemap or the search engine, and read the pieces listed at the beginning of each contents/links page.]


As the programs below are in development, the alternative that will work is to go to each section topic of interest, using the navigation maps, and READ THE KEY PIECES that have been pulled to the top of each section in order to be quickly grounded in each area.  Also, it is highly recommended that you at least scan/read THE UNDERLYING BASICS OF LIFE, Part I and Part II to get an overview that will give a different context that will be most useful as a basis for learning about the individual areas of life below. 

    Attitude Excellence, Peace of Mind - For now, go to Psychology section

    Correcting Childhood Thinking

    Dreams, Expanding
    Emotional Maturity - For now, go to Psychology section

           Emotion Management Program
           Handling Anxiety, Worry, Depression
           Resistance - See The Psychology of Resistance program          
    Happiness - For now, go to Psychology section
           How To Be (More) Happy - Main module
           Happiness Producers - Module
           Achieving Being Grateful - See Gratitude section
           Learning Optimism

    Life Philosophy

    Life Planning For A Clear Path 

    Loving and Accepting Yourself Fully - See Psychology, Methods section

    Physical Health - See Physical section

          Setting yourself up to experience total health and vitality
          Weight loss

    Practices - Setting Them Up To Support You In Life


             Handling Shame, Guilt, Remorse  
             Re-Forming One's Conversation From Disempowering to Empowering
                  Cease blame and criticism of self and others; halt suffering due to old unworkable
                    thoughts, limiting beliefs, fears, etc.

    Relationship Mastery

            Things We Could Choose To Learn To Enhance Our Relationship - An overview for a
               couple to choose from to self-design their own program
            The Blame, Forgiveness Learning Plan - A magnificent tool to get rid of the biggest
               relationship killers, such as resentment and blame. 

    Self-esteem, Self Confidence, Self-concept (See the key written pieces in the Learning Modules
        for this subsection of the Psychology section.

         Self-esteem (See Barksdale materials, under Psychology, Self-Confidence/Self-Esteem, for
             the most effective one I've ever seen.)
         Attaining certainty (to be written)
         Comparing and Other False Standards 
         Knowing What I Can and Can't Control 

    Standards, Codes, Boundaries - Setting Them

    Stress - StressLearningPlan - Manage it to virtually eliminate it from your life and make your life
       much, much better.


    Time and Productivity Management 

         For a system, you could use the productivity system supplementing the LifePlans:
  (We are not yet linked as an affiliate to them as they turned us
           down because we are not a "high volume" site.)

    Values and Ethics - See Life Management Section

    Vocation, Avocation Management, Aptitudes - See Self Development section

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(This is in the process of being modified and condensed for easier reference.) 

   THE QuikLEARN OVERVIEW MODULES - You can read these first, with a summary
        module that covers a subject area, such as Relationships, Health, etc.  Vital to read first, for
        overview grounding, one per each overall subject area, such as Relationships, Health, etc.
   THE QUICK OVERVIEW FLEXIBLE LEARNING PLAN - Quickly see the key points that you
       choose for interest first, then, if you so choose, perhaps go back in and polish off what is
        needed in priority order. 
   Learning By Putting Together The Key Notebooks System  
   The Medium Depth Learning Plan 
   THE COMPLETE LEARNING PROGRAM - This a complete comprehensive program.

LEARNING MODULES/PLANS BY AREA OF INTEREST - Click on this link (in red, to the left) to jump down to the programs lists.  Below is a partial listing of programs or packets.

Attitude, excellence, peace
  of mind
Beliefs - Correcting childhood
Dreams, goal - Expanding
Emotion Mgmt
Gratitude Learning Program
Life philosophy
Life planning for a clear path
Loving and accepting yourself fully
Physical health
Practices - To support life
Psychological - Self-judging and
  re-forming the conversation
Psychological - Shame, guilt
Relationship mastery
Self-esteem, self-confidence
Standards, codes, boundaries
Time and productivity
Values and ethics
Vocation, avocation
  management, aptitudes
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