While this is a key to philosophy, it is also a key to one's personal psychology.  Without correcting this view of oneself, one cannot be happy.  (See the definition of what comprises happiness:  Happiness)  People waste so much energy on having a dysfunctional view and set of beliefs about themselves.  If one focuses on getting realistic views and beliefs about oneself (and mankind), then one will save a huge amount of resistance and effort fighting (false) barriers.  Also, one will not put artificial limits on oneself by a false view of oneself.

This is vital, critical, essential to living a good life.  It should command your time until it is fully and effectively designed and owned.

Some of the highly erroneous beliefs that people have are discussed in the following pieces:


Who I Am - Without this understanding, you'll spend time on useless defending or self criticism.  Knowing that "I" is not what you think is vital to self understanding.

No Fault -Just "Not Knowing, Yet" - Whatever Happens Happens For A Valid Human Reason - An essential understanding for one's own self esteem and for accepting other human beings with compassion.  This is worth your very life, as getting rid of self-criticism clears up a lot of what gets in the way of a good life!  Go as deep as you need to, via the links, to fully understand and to "buy into this".  Link also into The No Fault, No Blame, No Criticiam Viewpoint - Essential For Happiness.   Read and study the L.S. Barksdale materials, starting at Procedure For Building Sound Self-Esteem  -    and then going through the free provided copies of his books.

I Am Powerless - A belief that people develop, but with no truth to it.  See why.

I Am Not Good Enough...Not! - This is a very correctable stance - and it must be corrected if one is to be happy.  It's not optional.  It is always fixable, though.

Self-Worth - What It Is, And How To Create It! - This idea must be corrected to what is actually true.
Why I am very good - This is the valid argument for what is true and/or creatably true.

Humans overall

Human beings, so limited, but so great - A view about all humans, but one that affects one's view of oneself.  

Practices and viewpoints that affect one's view of oneself

Making "wrong", making right - Once this is thrown out, we will stop using it to lower our view of ourselves.