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"Did you know, as of 1951, people no longer die of old age?  They are dying of disease and illness - which is preventable."      Dr. Sanjay Gupta

It's pretty simple: The Super-Simple Basics Of Your Body - Follow These And You'll Live Long And Feel Great!


This section ties in with all of life:  Stress, happiness, tension, breathing, ups and downs, resourcefulness, energy.  Without good energy, you will not be able to accomplish what you want in life nor to live the life you want.  Energy is a keystone to having life work.

Without these handled, the quality of your life cannot be nearly as good as you would like it to be, when you are in your most lucid thinking!

The question is how to get enough benefits in the shortest feasible time spent.

And we'll be emphasizing balance, but show you how to do it, so that you won't experience the extreme damage to emotions and the body from lots of ups and downs!  


How do you stack up on key measures? What is your life expectancy?

Avoid being the victim of myth or ignorance!  See where you're at, so you can decide what to do to create what you want and to close any undesired gaps.

I would personally start at finding out my real physical age, to get an idea of where I was at in terms of health.  It's an ingenious testing system where you can see how to cut years off of your age and to add years to your life!

Go to,  for great information and testing online.  Find out your "real" physical age.


In light of our goal of going for the highest benefits in the shortest feasible amount of time, we will look at what gives us the most benefit - and we'll do smart time management by choosing our priorities.  

Go to Managing Your Physical Resources to check into what practices you are doing and which you should commit to, from diet, exercise, to deep relaxation and ergonomics and more. Also, you get to list your top physical goals for the year, three, five and 10 years (see below). 

Immediately get this in gear:

See the separate page Items To Implement In Order Of Effectiveness , where you can place the changes to make in order of their impact on your health.  Which things you've heard of or had suggested to you make the biggest difference and which are most feasible to implement?   
Do the detailed planning needed

The Physical Goals Worksheet Packet will take you to any level you want, with both short form and the long, more complete form, assessing and setting goals in every area, from body health measures to sleep to addictions to losing weight and more.  Includes Body Mass Index table, what you use food for, and more.

Monitor for maximum results and ease

Without monitoring, the results on implementing new practices and creating new habits decline remarkably.  Don't make that mistake!

See the Health And Fitness Monitoring For Maximum Results And Ease page.


Of course, we also need to learn in a quick manner all the key essentials.  I am impressed with the completeness, usefulness, and understandability of Roizen's (author of Real Age) and Oz's (of Oprah fame) books:  First, You The Owner's Manual.  Second, optionally, You Staying Young.


This is a principles-based, practical-doable-steps site.  We operate using, among others, the Principle Of Sufficient Certainty - if you don't achieve enough certainty (and clarity) about what is true, the benefits and costs, and how things work, you'll not implement what is needed.  Once you've reached sufficient certainty, as the name implies, there is little benefit from going beyond that "tipping" point.  But we must at least get to that point, where we are tipped into acting for our best benefit.  What you have time to implement is only the vital items, so we also use the 80/20 principle at

The key operating principles in the physical area, from which others are derived are:

1.  Develop no tolerance for less than being healthy, high energy
2.  The body seeks balance, so stop the barriers (see The Costs Of Destabilization.)
        Relax, rest
        No sugar ups and downs!!!!!!!
3.  Flow - Move it or accumulate it!  (Exercise to move lymph, heat, water)
4.  Feed it the right stuff - But easily, feeling full and satisfied
5.  No crap in - Food, air, water of quality
6.  Simplicity and convenience maximized, so we'll do it!
7.  Measure it and review it on a systematic scheduled basis.

We just figure out ways to implement these easily so you are not tempted to do otherwise or languishing like the gradually boiling frog.


You can do quickie references on this site, which will address an item quickly and to the point and/or refer you to a resource for further details.

Use the Physical Contents/Links Page.   

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