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The purpose of this not-for-profit site is to have you fully develop your personal power and great self control such that you can confidently cause and assure a great life for yourself, where you trust yourself and are without anxiety or stress.  (See Becoming The Person You Want To Be, Contents/Links page and select whatever piece you want.  Note the "models" and exemplary people.)  The site's aim is to be the very best site for practicality (i.e. getting the results you want) and depth for personal development and for creating the greatest life. 

You will make vastly more progress in life if you do not learn piecemeal and randomly, but use well-selected, better designed paths and programs from knowledgeable sources.  Your life progress will be vastly, vastly increased if you use paths and programs.  See, and heed, The Best Ways To Learn Life.  Because of this, I have included paths and programs to follow, from my own design and/or from selected other experts.

Now, below, you can learn more about the site to see why you should use it and/or you can jump right in to experience the content and structure.

To help you progress more easily, I have provided examples and forms for each area that will guide you through “the process” related to what is needed.  

This site aims to go beyond the theories that give us hope but no specifics on how to get the results and beyond the resources that leave off many of the necessary steps.  It aims to go beyond your "having to figure it all out yourself", such as you read high level thinking books that are impressive, but where you’ve got to fill in the dots and steps and to make sense of it, somehow.  This site is meant to fill in the missing pieces, make sure that what is laid out is practical and "doable" (right where the rubber meets the road instead of the sky).

To repeat, I am attempting to avoid having you have to "reinvent" the wheel or "figure out what to do" to fill the gaps.  I make it specific and complete, with all the steps included to get to a particular objective.  [Again, this is not a "theory" site - nor a "woo woo" site.]  


This is a path attainable by anyone, regardless of the level you are at.  It only requires a normal human brain and with that we can accomplish anything we want in life. 

(Read these: 

Am I Capable Of Making My Life Excellent? - I agree with the Dalai Lama on this one.

Do I Have Enough Time? - yes, and you’ll have as much enjoyment, or more, in life and you’ll actually free up more time than it takes!  We'll show you how to schedule it in, too.

Is The Payoff Worth The Time And Effort? - It will be priceless, a whole new level of life! How much do you think your life is worth?  This will at least 10X your life!)

We live at a dramatically lower level than the potential life we could live, far below the happiness, joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction we could have in life.  We inadvertently give it away.

Yet we could choose, instead, to master our lives so that we could create 10X (or 100+X) the net happiness/fulfillment/satisfaction we are currently experiencing.

To do this, we need the most effective path, so that we can master it as early in life as possible and use it for more of our years - instead of looking back at all the wasted years where we lived life naively and only partially.  If you dabble, if you wish, and engage in learning things at random or as they come up to your attention, you will be wandering around instead of taking the most direct path.  I urge you to stay on the path, deviating only as needed to handle a problem or a must of some sort.  (Consider reading Directed, Effective Learning, To Create The Life You Love.) 

My hope is that you will fully embrace the path to mastering your life - and to having a great time along the way (not just later)... 

I am committed to doing all I can to help you become personally powerful such that you will create a life that is your ideal life, and the happiest possible.  (I do not attempt to be the key source of wisdom in any one area, so I connect you to the material of  experts and specialists, as needed.)

Bon voyage

Keith D. Garrick
Living The Mission Of My Life!


I'd recommend you get an overview of sorts by going to The Paths page.  You can also click on any interesting pieces in any sections as you navigate from the master search engine page (and sitemap) to wherever you want to go. (Click on "Search" in the navigation bar right below the title of each page.)  Go ahead and insert a term into the search engine and you may be surprised that this is covered on this site.  (There are over 2,000 pieces, varying in length from a couple of pages to many pages.) 



Yes, many others are on the same path or mission as I am (and a few are quite good!), so we will utilize the expertise and materials of those that I’ve screened.  We want any source that works, as I certainly cannot source it all in one lifetime.  There are master best book lists and various resources pages, from individual experts and their resources to master lists by category, such as in the Resources For Success page. It is my job to tie this all together so that your journey is better and by far more effective.  Let me know what you think, including comments, suggestions, resources (sites, people, books...), or whatever: Contact.

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For putting together your whole life, effectively and efficiently.

2,000 + pieces...

Uniquely organized for deeper use, follow the paths (don't wonder what to do next), use "links, contents" directory pages of readings (in order) on a topic

Carries you all the way through to results

Best resources screened

Lots of solutions and ways to thrive - just copy them!


I synthesize all of the "advice" and "wisdom" out there and point you to specifics to do and delineated paths to follow along.  I point you to the best other sites and resources, so that you will know more of who/what is the best for you.  I inform you of these via the Blog

To assure you are operating/living at the highest level in life I do what it takes to have go you much deeper and to provide the (most important) “practical doables”, instead of stopping at theory or what sounds good or what hasn’t been tested to be effective!  The means is through 
building” a great foundation for life so that you can be sure to create what it takes to have a great life.  (The "building" process is used in The Only Sure Path To The Greatest Life!, which is one of The Paths.) 

It is my intention, and my mission, to benefit many people such that they actually rise to the level of having mastered their life, not like some intellectual guru, but in terms of having such great personal power that each person can attain all that he/she wants in life, free of stress, anxieties, fears, and “problems”.  (Click your cursor on the underlined red links throughout any page.)

To accomplish more in less time, I’ve set this site up to link to whatever is effective and tested and to be structured so that you have reading lists of the written pieces, sequenced for you to get the most out of.  The sections have “contents/links” overviews (example) so you can choose what is of interest and of benefit.   

Instead of going in and out to what is “of interest”, I recommend you select paths to follow, to take you further along in the development and building process. It is recommended that you consider "paralleling" your learning with current problem solving and belief revising, so you are working “in action” on what is relevant (and interesting, of course, right now. 

I recognize that many of you will just want to go into a few areas of interest and/or jump in and out into problem solving or creating in some area as needed to improve your lives.  That will be of help, too.

You can choose to go from a basic level all the way to doing aggressive life learning and using such things as The Life Improvement Journal.  You choose, perhaps after you've read The One Decision That Determines All Of Life!


(Scan first to see what is of interest.  Always use Effectlive Learning in the site use and in reading!  Consider using a notebook or master notebook to write down your ideas and items of interest.)

Intro Overview - Where to start, how to live a great life 

Sample Selected Life Altering Pieces - See the pieces under the top essentials for a good life.  

The Paths To Wherever You Want To Go - A designated path gets you to your destination the fastest and most mistake free way!  Note particularly The Only Sure Path and/or Taking The "Quick Path" To A Better Life.

Where are you in your development and your life? Overall Life Tests (also links to others)

An Overview Of All Of Life - The short path to overviewing all of life - a "booklet" of linked pieces to read in sequence to understand life. 

The QUICKEST LIFE IMPROVERS - Follow the path thru to the individual life improvers.

Additional Resources

 Screened resources and experts to use - Or linked from subtopic's contents/links page. 

Free Video Courses - Screened and compiled for you from free sources.  A good learning method!

New books are being written by me, as well as summaries and will be linked from  Books, Booklets, Special Summaries - Tying it all together into meaningful sequences - and what to do, in what order. Or subscribe to the Blog to be notified: Blog

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Size:  (There are over 2,000 pieces, varying in length from a couple of pages to many pages. Enter any term in the search engine and you might be surprised that this website has something on it.)

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Just go through and do random searches on subjects of interest or follow the highlights listed in Selected Pieces - Life Altering, Overviews, Programs, Tools...

Please contact me with any requests, written problems to solve, suggestions, comments, testimonials, etc.  

This site is a not-for-profit site that does not do any marketing so it is up to you to spread the word to those who might benefit from this site.  It is for people who really, really want to live a great life - and not to waste any of it Some of these people will be leading the world.  Those who follow the path further will revel in being true masters of living and of their own life!

May you live your very best life, by building it step by step into a magnificent and great life!


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