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Fear is a "result" that is physically a chemical.  Therefore, we can physically solve it, in terms of the chemical.  We simply use the Instant Energy From Something Good tactics.  Alway do this first, as it is difficult to think productively otherwise.  Do this until you can feel a chemical balance and "energy".

The cause of the emotion of fear is, of course, a fear thought.  As such it can be addressed by critical thinking, which will enable one to evaluate and correct any incorrect thoughts that cause fear but have no legitimate basis.  You can use the form below to "flesh out" what is going on, as part of step 2, overcoming false fears and/or accepting the true fears (and knowing the temporary nature of the effect that we fear).

__ First, deeply, slowly breath at least 10 calming breaths, perhaps sighing as you slowly exhale. 
___ Consider a 10 minute refreshing nap, while relaxing specific spots in your body.

Then complete the form.


It is far more effective, until you are an expert, to write out your answers.

I know that a fear is not necessarily an actual threat, unless I am being threatened physically now, in which case I must act right now.  Otherwise:

__ I now take a very deep slow breath and let out a breath as if sighing or saying "aaaaahhh".  I take at least 4 of these.  (To engage my higher brain.)

__ I believe there is a threat, or I wouldn't feel fear.

    The threat in words is _________________________________________________



Is this true?    __ Yes;  __ No

Is it absolutely true?    __ Yes;  __ No;  __ Maybe (which means it isn't absolutely true!)

___ Is it purely a mental construct (where the danger does not exist outside my mind)?  (E.g. loss of approval, etc.)
    __ It is a self judgment mostly (so now I'll be self-compassionate: I'm only human and I accept myself.)

__ How big is this, on a scale of 1 to 100, truly?  (1 - it will be gone tomorrow and have no lasting effect, unless I create it again; 100 death; 30 lose 50% of my wealth)

___ Is it something that will merely jostle me a bit but where I'll come out the other side just fine?

Will I still be ok afterward?  (Is this merely an inconvenience mostly?  Is this merely a setback?  Am I just losing part of a gain?)

___ Is it truly deminimus?

This is actually __ no big deal; __ small stuff:  ___ just part of life (which adds more but subtracts some)

If I am not ok afterward, then the potential danger needs to be dealt with right now.  What could I rationally do in my Responsible Adult mode?

I'm ok for right now AND I will:

  __ Solve it and write about it right now.
  __ Put this aside for now.  I will write this out completely and I will solve the fear completely by doing the fear process.


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