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If an item isn't linked from this page, go to YouTube and enter in search.

This is a list and links that I've compiled for my own instant use, to pop into whenever I need some inspiration and/or grounding - or just to exist and think at a higher level.

I'll add some over time - and I welcome any suggestions.  

How to most effectively use YouTube:  After you find a video you want, you'll see other suggestions pop up that you may wish to peruse.  If you want to stick to the same subject or person, go back to that listing by pressing "search" or the return (on the left side) to the original author or subject.  

Use of other video resources:  I started, as a reminder for myself a Netflix life video list page, so I could be sure to utilize it where appropriate. - Updated all the time, short wisdom videos and relaxing videos.

Philosopher's Notes - Brian Johnson's great 10 minute summaries of the 100 best life books, for content plus inspiration.   Philosopher's Notes TV.   Buy his written summaries.  Summary Page About Philosopher's Notes on this site. 

Tony Robbins - One of the top, though some people think he is just a "motivation" guy, which is definitely not true. Robbins - Directory Of Resources leads you to the more relevant, higher content videos.

Option Institute - Watch their webinars on their site! 

TED Talks - Inspired contributors and world leaders, from a couple of Presidents, top businesspeople, philosophers, Tony Robbins, world leaders.  Page about TED with links to selected talks.

Brian Tracy - An incredible conduit and studier of what works.

John Maxwell - The expert on leadership and building oneself for being a leader.  It applies to everyone in their own life, no matter what the vocation or avocation.

Jack Canfield - Link to the Jack Canfield resources directory page on this site and then into videos, etc.

Eckhart Tolle 
    Extensive series on Oprah's site.  Excellent. 

Oprah Site - One of the greatest resources, but it seems to not be widely known.  Interviews
(Muhammad Ali, Bush, Madonna, etc. and etc.) classes, workshops (Eckhart Tolle), book club videos
(Ken Follett, etc.).  Also, read some of the written pieces available (Village, etc,)  This site's Oprah Resouces Directory

Robin Sharma - Very effective about life and leadership too.

Also: (if not linked below, just enter in search on YouTube and watch).

Werner Erhard 

Gretchen Rubin (Happiness Project)

Jim Rohn

Wayne Dyer 

Donald Trump

See Resources For Happiness, for some suggestions.

Will Smith - Though an actor, there is some great advice here.


Guruku Singh
Dalai Lama
Napoleon Hill
W.C. Stone
Daniel Amen
Pema Chodron
Nathaniel Branden
Andrw Matthews
Denis Waitley

From the Happiness Resources section, re YouTube:

Matthiew Ricard on, but watch ones on YouTube also
Dan Gilbert
Sonja Lyubomirsky
Marci Shimoff
Michael Neill 
M.J. Ryan
Martin Seligman 
Jackie Kelm - See Appreciative Inquiry video under JBKelm
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Philosopher's Notes - 100++ book summary videos
Option Institute
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