This site is written for you, no matter the level of living life you are at - early on "the curve" or highly successful but not completely life-powerful, life-happy. 

It is designed to be both highly referenceable for regular use and to take you through all the steps for you to get results in any area you've chosen - and to have your whole life together and very well-functioning. 

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        of pieces and how they fits)
    The Paths To Take To Where You Want To Go - Build a life or build certain
        pieces, in an effective systematic sequence

My purpose is to make this so practical and usable that you can use it to learn to be so effective in life that you become enduringly, deeply, and unconditionally happy.

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Not for profit

It is a not-for-profit endeavor to contribute and payback whatever I can.  Fortunately, people have indicated that the site took them deeper, enough to help them create what they wanted in life and/or to solve problems that sometimes did not seem resolvable.  (See the Thank Yous And Comments page.)

Contributed pieces, helping

Although I've written almost all the pieces on this site, I am still holding it as an "alliance", both of resources and participants who will help create something better for other people, to make a greater difference in their lives.  I welcome contributors, as long as what they write is highly usable (with no sales or woo-woo stuff).  Once you've reviewed the site to see what it contributes, then it would be helpful to refer it to other people for their use, as this will only spread by word of mouth (on a search it can come up #3,000,000...).   For those who want to be more active about it, you will want to read How You Can Help.    

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I am happy that you are visiting the site and I hope you will use it for great benefit to yourself and those whom you care about!

To your life success!

Keith D. Garrick