Do this well, as it is the central part of being successful - without setting up a place to go, you probably won't go there.  And if it isn't written, it is highly unlikely to be achieved, per every relevant study.

Scroll down for a list/links for pre-set goal formats.


I've set up some formats for you to use, so that you won't have to create them yourself.  These are set up to be thorough enough to achieve any goal and to avoid the likelihood that you'll miss a piece of what should be considered.

Follow the formats, via the links reproduced below, under "Formats".


It is often very useful to have a group to contribute to your process and also to be sharing your progress with, with some accountability also recommended as being useful. 

The Master Mind Alliance is one of the most powerful means of achieving success, as brought forth in Napoleon Hill's works, the most famous of which is Think And Grow Rich, which is a recommended read.  

Setting Up a Master Mind Alliance 

    Experiences, setting up and running one: 

    Book ($12), Downloadable: How To Form A Master Mind A Master Mind
        Group and Keep It Running:

    Mastermind Planning Guide (Jack Canfield)

Setting Up A Goal Setting Group

     See Goal-Setting Groups .


Without a doubt, those who use coaches are vastly more successful and effective than are those who try to do it on their own.  After all, we are human, and we learn better from someone else who has "been there" and/or devise systems that work.

Review How To Use Coaching To Create Significant Forward Progress In Life.

Of course, mentors can provide a form of coaching, too.  See Role Models And Mentors - Guidance, Wisdom, And Not Reinventing The Wheel.  


See, of course, the formats below, as many of the forms contain ideas and examples of goals.

See also Master List Of Long Term Goal From Which To Choose.     


There may be a few more listed in the central directory of formats on the Contents/Links For Planning.  The following is a copy of that section as of the time of writing this page.  If something isn't linked here, use the search engine on the contents/links page.

Goals - Forms - Overall list of forms
      Current year goals - master list  
      Areas of Life To Set Goals For 
      Overall Goals/Intentions For My Life 
      Key Life Goals  
      Master List of Goals  
       Mission, Goals And Objectives 
           See Mission, Purpose, Calling 
  By period
    Life Plan Year By Year    
  Any goal
     Goal Form, One Page,  
     Goal Form, Three Pages 
     Milestone For A Goal
     Examples of Some Goals   
     Goals Obstacles 
    By Area
       Operating Area Planning 
       Financial Goals   
       Material and Fun Goals  
       Personal Mastery Goals              
       Physical Goals
           - Physical Goals Complete Packet
       Long Term Tracking 
       Productivity and Time Management Goals   
       Psychological/Spirit Goals        
       Relationship Goals       

Simplified approach

Often it is best to do this more simply and then add to it and/or refine it.

See The Medium Brief Plan Workbook/Forms on The Life Plan page. 

Reference, links

Planning Contents, Links

Related:  Time, Productivity Contents, Links

To read, review

The Life Plan - For Constructing The Life I Love - This not only covers the exact organization of the plan, but links to lots of examples.

Planning Overview And Discussion - Getting The Results You Want - Decide from suggestions your formats for planning and for planning systems to use to make your life much, much more rewarding and successful/effective.