In process, but you can use this to design the day that fits you.



To be truly life successful, one MUST have a great time system!. 


__ Decide target accomplishments for the day.
     __ Enter in to do list the steps toward those target
__   Review my running to do list, clean it up.
__ Work up the to do list and prioritize it, and fill in the schedule.
__ Review my running to do list, clean it up.  
__ Review my running to do list, clean it up.Write what order I will do these things, so I don't have to decide later when energy is low.
__ Decide no-interruption time blocks and when to return calls, process emails


__ Plan the day 1st thing.
__ Do first things first
     __ Grounding for strong, great day
     __ Highest productivity time blocks (putting emphasis on eating the frogs first, in order to free
            up my energy, have me feel more positive about the rest of the day).
__ Schedule all items in, ahead of time, so won't have to decide when my energy is low and so can just go straight from one to the other.
__ Put in place a strictly followed routine schedule, for greatest effectiveness, including exercise/stretching periods, going to be early and being sure to get enough sleep to be alert all day, etc.  See The Model Day For High Productivity.  (Include all that is in My Physical Well-Being Checklist - This Or Something Better...No "Settline" Into Entropy, which also links into the Sleep Checklist.)


This is my own checklist which I derived from doing the free 90 day Tools To Life program, by
Devlin Steele

MY  MORNING CHECKLIST (An example:  My Morning, Day, Evening Checklist.)

Get up and stretch every muscle.       
Walk powerfully and confidently into the bathroom.       

Smile at myself in the mirror and say "I love you", looking myself straight in the eyes.       
This is a wonderful opportunity today and I shall cherish it! I am so blessed!!!!       
Feel good energy, at top of resourcefulness? Windmill arms both ways until feel very good.       

Rotate head and neck while getting breakfast.       
Tense and scrunch muscles if at all stiff.       

Drink a full glass of water. Set water supply up for the day.       

Vitamins. Limit coffee to one large cup, and rely on other things to increase energy.        
Listen to Affirmations. Read Reminders Notebook, reflect. Do my morning writing and to do list.       

Production mode

Always know and write down the schedule for the day.    

Do a brief review of emails, forward key ones to AARead.  Time limit: 5 minutes (no indulgences!)  
Do a priority project.       
Do a quick organization project up to 10 minutes.       
Do another priority project.       
Exercise if at all possible in the AM, vigorously.   

Be the character you choose and live the life you want!


Nap to refresh self       
Eat a good meal       
Look at my to do list. Decide to make the evening productive and enjoyable.       
Drink adequate liquid in early evening.       
Not eat after 7 except for popcorn and apples.       

Go to bed before 12.        
Review my inspiring reminders.        

Read my book a little until I am sleepy. Then enjoy my sleep.        
Go to bed when tired. If tired, not enjoy things as much, so it is not a good use of time. 

The following is a possible example for a person to use.  I would find it hard to use such a list, so I don't use that.


2. Be on time throughout the day
3. Drink water!
4. Brush your teeth more throughout the day.
5. What is one thing you could do for yourself today if you liked yourself more?
6. Affirm daily: “My goal is to complete TOOLS day by day!”
7. Take 2 to 10 minutes a day to make something better in your life. DO IT! Do it every day and accumulate the benefits.
8. Keep a list of all your excuses and complaints.
9. Attack one excuse and complaint every day.
   Or a "challenge" or "problem". 
10. Stretch for 10 minutes. Enjoy. Also stretch throughout your day.
11. Catch yourself saying negative things about yourself and ask yourself if they are true or false.
12. If they are false, say the opposite thing to yourself.
13. If they are true, change how you treat yourself. Do not put yourself down. Instead say, “I can change these things and make my life better."
14. Any time I am presented with a problem I will find my opportunity.
15. After your first smile say, “Hello inner voice.”
16. Now repeat the following affirmation: “I am honest and truthful with myself. I like myself and treat myself in a healthy manner.”
17. Before you make a decision, stop for a second, listen to your inner voice and check yourself.
18. Use the Reverse Tool. See the result of actions before you take action.
19. Be proactive and act to get the best out of every situation.
20. Ask yourself, “Am I putting in effort, or am I falsely expecting?"
21. Throughout the day, make an effort to smile. Make sure you smile a minimum of six times per day and not all at the same time.
22. Smile and be positive to others at least six times throughout the day.
23. Try and “Fagetta-bout” some thing as often as you can.
24. Go to the mirror a few times during the day. I want you to ask yourself, “How am I?” I want you to shake off any negativity and say to yourself, “My attitude is my decision.”
25. Every time you catch yourself out of control with a bad attitude, go back to the mirror and say, “My attitude is my decision, and I am deciding to have a good one.”
26. Turn It On, and bring your best to every situation you can.
27. Listen to your self-tape twice a day!
28. “I’m not green! I am what I think I am.”
29. Use your Personal Law Tool and create a new personal law every day.
30. Take a Sec'! Do the things that make your world clean and organized. Do it now! Do the things you know you should. Do them today and do not procrastinate.
31. Think about how fear holds you back and move past it.
32. This is a reminder to laugh at your negative thoughts, excuses, complaints, fears and attitudes. Laugh at them and transition to positive action and self-talk. Laugh and feel your power over your life!
33. I have decided I will not lie to myself. This is a personal rule. I also know it is not too late to change. I can control my life. I am responsible for my life. I have the power, the power to decide to change. By not lying to myself, I know I have things in my life I have to change. Today I start with not lying to myself about___________. By not lying to myself, I know that I no longer can accept this behavior and I am going to change it right now. I will do all I can and use whatever help I need, but I am changing this, and that's the truth.
34. You know the things you should do, "Listen to your inner voice!"
35. Write out your To Do List at the end of the day.
36. Eat healthy, be healthy and achieve a healthy weight.
37. Do not judge.
38. “I can control my attitude and behavior so I am conscious and make the right decisions to get the results I want!”
39. All you have to do: "Stop and think!"
40. "Focus Check." Say your name out loud throughout the day. Say it before you enter situations. Say your name and attach your definition of yourself as you do. Say your name and be who you should be and who you are!
41. I am the security guard at the gate. Before I behave I check for ID: Is this behavior allowed through?
42. Study and learn your Red Lights so they become automatic.
43. Repeat throughout the day, "I deserve success!" Think throughout the day,"Are my actions with money creating financial success?"
44. Study your Personal Laws daily.
45. I make the effort to have a positive impact on the environment around me.


"I am the character I choose to be!"




___ Write, repeat out loud and say as transition affirmations.


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