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Key Questions to ask daily
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My story

Without getting overall perspective on the day and deciding the pieces and timing of what will accomplish the highest value for you, you cannot live a great life or the components of a great life: great days.  You would only live a small bit of a life compared to the level of happiness, achievement and fulfillment you potentially could get out of life - with vastly more of what you want in life.  

Too much hassle?  Well, 15 minutes of planning saves 150+ minutes of time, plus it makes one's day vastly more productive in terms of value.

If you set it up right, it takes only about 5 minutes a day for the plan.

It is best to use a form, one you have devised with all of the elements or someone else's, perhaps with a sheet that you look at to serve as a checklist or reminder of what to include in a daily plan.

I've listed below some items you might wish to use:

Question to ask
Examples of schedules, routines, and practices you might want to have in your day.
Forms for your use.


What has to happen today to have me feel good about today?  (This changes the activities to what will have one feel more accomplished but also causes the addition of self-care, enjoyment, or happiness activities.) 

I also use "now what can I do today that will add to my day?"


An example of what a committed day would look like:

My Day - To Be A Healthy, Happy Person - The Path, A committed Schedule To What I Think Is Worth My While - The day in complete detail.

What some of the pieces would look like

The Morning Routine Of One Happy, Healthy Woman - This is the extensive stretching/exercise routine done by a very happy woman, who is far healthier than practically anybody else her age, having already lived longer than most people.

Centering For The Day - An example of what one person does and how he uses the Reminders Book, with specific links to what he refers to - alot of pieces...

What to consider inserting into your day:

See The Most Essential Life Practices -  Include these in your day, especially the journal suggested.


Daily Action Plan Booklet - This is the table of contents for a notebook you could use to keep the planning documents in.  There is one of the listed forms in the table that are included in that same document, and the others are linked to below:  
   Grasscatcher of to dos - The form is in the Booklet above.
   Useful Things I Can Do In My Spare Time - A form to fill in so what you can reference it when you
        have some spare time and can't think of what to do otherwise.
   List Of Key Challenges - A form where you list your key "obstacles", problems, possibilities, where
       you list your goal to do with each of them, your priority and urgency and the target date.  Keep
       this up as a reference section of your operating book.
            Challenges - 20 Ideas From Brainstorming - To be used, perhaps daily until all are addressed. 
               Forces you to get creative and think it out further.  Challenges = 20 Ideas word document.
               (This is called also Major Challenges Idea Generator.)
   Habits For Me To Change - A form for listing habits you want to change and what the new habit will
       Includes a form for each habit, listing the payoffs and then "20 reasons why I want to change this
           habit; impacts on myself and others" and a place to commit, to set up a plan and a strategy..
           The first page is your master listing page for reference when you're ready to handle the next
           change.  To implement changes effectively, see
           See Using The Power Of Habits section.
    Daily Action sheets - Varies in format.  It is the overall sheet you use for your planning the day.
      Victory List - Title your pages "My Victories List" and list your victories daily, being very generous,
          such that even seemingly small things are recognized.  It is vital that you not take anything for
          granted and fully appreciate you power to cause things in life. 
          Barbara's Successes And Victories - Acknowledgements - A list was started for Barbara, but
          then she did not follow through on using it, but you'll get some idea of "major victories" that are
          not daily but which should be kept in your Me Book or Life Plan Notebook

Day I Want To Create - Daily To Do Form for planning the day. 

Barbara's Daily Checklist



Although I knew the idea of why daily planning was good and had used the procedure during my business days, I let it slip in so-called retirement.  The results of letting that slip varied from getting to the end of the day and wondering what I did with the day, not making much progress on what was most important, piles of undones and lots of "messes" - and a vague sense of lack of accomplishment together with a bit of feeling "short" of what I expected of myself (called the Unhappiness Gap). 


Formats for daily planning are in most "planner" books and software.  (See Time Management Systems.  Good systems include Microsoft Outlook, Plan Plus (Franklin-Covey), Nozbe, Simpleology - I use Google Calendar and Gtasks because I can manipulate them to serve my particular style (and simplemindedness).

Typical daily planning sheets might include:

Daily contacts - Give self points for contacts, meetings
Top 5 for the day
Task list to do
Hour by hour blank spaces for the day

(Here's a Simple Daily Plan discuss, linking to a form to possibly use.)

And contain also some checklists:

__ Water sufficient (per plan),
__ Exercise completed,
__ Reflection time,
__ Reading time,
__ Golden hour
__ Did I do what I said I would do today?
__ Prioritized,
__ Organized, including finishing up the day organized
__ Simplify/Eliminate that which does not deserve your time and energy.

__ Did I stop when tense or stressed and breathe deeply and slowly for 2 minutes.

References for daily, weekly, monthly planning could include your

Value list - Separate out top 10
Your purpose statement
Your 90 day goals - personal, work, financial
Life goals
Incompletes - home tasks, repair,  work,  mental

Keep up in each area of life:  Home in repair, list of psych bothers (and fix right away), be in connection with three really important people

List annual projects and tasks
Set up a 12 month calendar overview. (Search the Month-By-Day pages, which
    includes a 12 month blank.) 

Your day's key exercise sessions should have already been inserted when you did your weekly planning.  The plan for the day is an update from what you planned for the week, plus obviously added in details...


There's plenty of these available, so I won't duplicate those suggestions.  However, at the very list, each meeting MUST have:

desired outcome
action steps

Orient yourself to the options

Read this whole introduction to daily planning.  Then select a form, presented and linked near the end of this piece, to use.

My Daily Planning Checklist 

Daily Plan Examples - From simple on up. Copy and use your selected form.


Contents - Planning 

Days planned, per my weekly plan standard format

Note to self:  See dayscheduletemplate and plan template and dayplanprompter for design of day =
put standard day background template for the weeks, use google to select it. figure out how to do.