I will be pulling this together into a whole.  For now, you can read the basic underlying pieces that create the understanding of why and how you can do thisl 

<--- Read these pieces!  (And the pieces they lead you to!) 

Note that happiness is in your control if you do the things listed that are in your control. These are included in The Happiness Creators - Taking Care Of This Half Of The Equation (the other half of the equation is eliminating the unhappiness creators).  

And the primary strategy that works in creating a happy life is to concentrate on actually building up our happiness so that it is long term, reliable companion.  To do this we need to focus on The Core Of Life (Just Maintain This And Your Circumstances Will Not Matter).

As part of creating it so that we no longer engage in the unhappiness creators and as part of The Fear Management Program - Tests, Readings, we get rid of the false beliefs that create unhappiness and we learn to only react to what is actually happening, like the zebra grazing calmly after it runs from the tiger and the tiger is gone.  We learn not to create fear of fear - and get rid of the belief that worry or fear helps to prevent a problem!  Though the fear signal may happen in a true emergency threat, we essentially live in Fearlessness.


Getting rid of the 99% of fears that are based on falsely construed premises and not worrying about the other 1% that is out of our control, we eliminate most of our "negative" experiences.

By no longer criticizing ourselves or leaving our personal fulfillment and care to the whims of other people or circumstances, we create the self-care and do the strategies that have us being independent, yet appreciating the bonuses when we do get them, of having to hold ourselves in tension and/or fear and/or uncertainty waiting to see if others will approve of us or do things for us.   We essentially exercise our full power to create all the happiness we want - and once we are filled, then whatever else we get is simply a bonus, for which we are highly appreciative.

This is the way to live and is a very attainable way to live:

      No fear.
      Self-fulfilled. Personally powerful.  Independent.  Free.

Won't you join us in the process?

(Read The Road To Happiness For Life - Intelligent, Unconditional Happiness page and the Overview Discussion Of Happiness - and then go from there, using the program for increasing happiness.)

The Road To Happiness For Life - Intelligent, Unconditional Happiness - The main introduction/discussion page.

Can I Have A Good Life No Matter What? - Yes, I Can Be Happy No Matter What! - These are some examples of how
people in the worst circumstance can create happiness

The Checklist For A Happy Life - And The Checklist For An Unhappy Life - Don't allow the items that get in the way and be sure to do ALL the items that create happiness. 

The Checklists For Running Your Life - Pick the key ones and follow them.  Use the others as needed.  You don't have to reinvent the wheel or wonder what to do.