(working on,   with exercises, prioritized though)

See the boxes listing the certainty generators and the uncertainty reducers, the follow the checklist, linking to the pieces that will help you tie them up to live a life of feeling high certainty. 

What we are trying to do here is generate "Sufficient" Psychological Certainty - sufficient enough to have only "appropriate" anxiety for what the mechanism of anxiety is intended....  What we want to eliminate is that general "background" anxiety that is ongoing, where one has a "bad feeling" that perpetuates itself in life.  To different degrees, it also is damaging to our effectiveness in life, our very ability to move forward in life at a good pace and to a life enhancing level. 

The goal here that we are aiming for is to do all that will get us to the level of living life where we feel calm and certain in life, in a realistic and ongoing manner.

Put your efforts into these rather than the effort level, time and worry that is required in living "The Uncertainty Life".  In that life, there is lots of stress.  We feel required to mask things and to pretend (for others).  We experience instances where we worry or defend or fear what will happen.  We are driven to relieve stress that shouldn't have been allowed in the first place.  We cut out alot of mistakes that take you time to repair and recover from.

A part of this might be called psychological but another part of it relies on building a structure that supports certainty and effectiveness in life. 

Use this as a checklist (or even a reading list), but you can go in and pick off the items you are most interested in that you think will do the most good.  You pick the order, but please do enough so that you arrive at relative psychological certainty and peace of mind!

"Living a life where you are in uncertainty really sucks." 


"It doesn't so much matter that there is an edge over which one can fall into uncertainy.  All that matters is that you assure you are living far from that edge." 

                                                        The BuddhaKahuna

"One who is very certain that he/she has much has far fewer, and lesser, fears in life of not having enough." 

                                                         The BuddhaKahuna

Use the checklist that follows these summary boxes, to put in place that which will, one at a time, add to your certainty and/or reduce your uncertainty.  The overview of which classifications of things create certainty or reduce uncertainty are summarized here.


One step at a time...and suddenly it all comes together into certainty and total confidence.


Much of this is to be used in a master "Reminders Notebook", where they are put behind a labeled divider tab for easier reference and use.  Simply fill in the empty section with what you do below AND also make it easier by just borrowing (and editing as you wish) from the examples of what has already been created. (Just enter a title in the search engine to find the relevant pieces.)

Some things are strictly mechanical.  You just follow them and easily get the result directly. Some are "philosophical" viewpoints that serve as a very solid base for life.  Some eliminate your certaint destabilizers and also install very clear, very definitive beliefs and statements that are strong and very certain.  And there are other categories you can address and benefit from.

Since there is alot that can be done here, I recommend that you skim the cream off the top and/or knock off the ones that are easiest to do.  The ones that require more learning to do might best be done later, so that you can make alot of progress quickly by doing the exercises that can be written (always search for an already written piece on the sit), by following the suggested rules immediately, doing the "mechanical ones", and, definitely, fairly soon, define and make certain your values in life and the piece called "How I Shall Live My Life".  In the "mechanical ones', you should definitely establish your "Positives Portfolio"! 

There are alot of indirect or side effects from your following the Life Learning Programs (particularly the longer one The Only Sure Path To The Greatest Life and The Fear Management Program).

For now, pick off those things you can do in an hour or less (at least the first draft), and do one a day, so you can have a rapid build up in just two weeks!

This is one of the most beneficial things you can do in your life.  It is a good start on the path to absolutely transform your life to a whole new level.  It is a great investment for you to make!!!!


(Including reducing the "uncertainty generators", so that "net certainty" is increased.)

CHARACTERISTICS OF CERTAINY:  Clarity, definiteness, decidedness, written down in black and white (part of defining and clarifying!), pre-set ways of doing things and handling things, practiced items.  Tied down and secure, not left up to outside forces.

THE MECHANICAL ONES (Don't take alot of study and understanding to do)

__ A pre-decided, pre-set order each day for tasks.
__ A pre-decided standard schedule (for a day, a standard way of doing a week, etc.)
__ Plan, so you know what will happen in the future (reduces "wondering" and
__ Set up your Positives portfolio  (Ties down certain positives in life.

__ Only use positive, proactive language, not allow the negative, as it creates uncertainty
   __ Stop telling "stories" of why you are the way you are.
   __ Stop, with few appropriate exceptions, all excuses, justification, reasons why not.
   __ Stop all "Negative Conversations" and engage in only positive producing ones.
   __ Stop "Negative Chatter" in the background (short term and long term)
__ Knowing my core is solid, values defined, "who I am" defined clearly and with conviction.
__ Making statements of conviction, such as stands, commitments, highest values.
__ Problems addressed and solved promptly (Unsettled = uncertainty, anxiety)
__ Knowing you'll "rebalance" to high energy when energy runs low - and doing it.
__ Purposely redirecting self to high functioning balance (reduces the upset of the body
    and the hypersensitization of the alarm system, so that the brain "feels safer".


__ Learn what reality is (follow the reality series reading list), so you're not operating on beliefs that involve unreality (false demons, false fears, made up entities - all strictly
mental constructs)
__ Examine and correct fear beliefs, so that you are, other than life and death, relatively fearless.


(See above: Building a Positives portfolio.)

__ Identify good practices, moves, etc., that you see other people do and then rehearse them so you can do them well, so that you know it is a reliable action you will do in the moment
__ Clarify "internal sentences" of beliefs, examine them for truth, correct them, install
__ Learn and understand why and how you are capable of learning whatever is needed
    in life and that you are capable of creating a great life.

BUILDERS - The Principle Of "Building" A Life - Doing "The Build" For Greater Success In Life!  

__ Reducing ambiguity in anything, a learned concept, a boundary or limit defined,
    deciding/learning what is controllable and not and what to control, etc.)
__ Mastery of anything. (Teaches you that you are capable of mastering life.)
__ Build the key core life capability skills, so you can think through and handle anything.
    __ Better decision making
    __ Better learning
    __ Better problem solving (and thinking)


__ Clarity that thoughts do not represent truth or reality; define actual thoughts in two week journal of each and every even slightly negative thought and/or feeling...
__ Study the Emotion Management section until you understand how things work (this occur over several months)

ELIMINATE DESTABILIZERS (Stated here in the positive; the opposite is, of course, a destabilizer.)

__  Absolutely assure that you adjust quickly back to High Functioning Balance.    
__  Assure clear thinking:  Using the higher brain effectively
    ___ Care Of The Frontal Lobe
    ___ Using Effective Thinking.
__ Increasing your alertness and energy (feel stronger)
__ Understand and eliminate all self-criticism and faulting as invalid and harmful.
__ Tie down any "uncertain what-to-dos" by setting up systems to handle.
    __ Write down all tasks in an organized way, so brain is not pre-occupied and    
         uncertain and trying to close the gaps.  (The Gap Principle.)


__ Making "how I shall live" decisions (as true, definite decisions) and establishing and reviewing the rules (guidelines) you will live in your life.  (This is part of planning.)
__ Define and make certain your values for living your life.


__ Stopping trying to control the uncontrollable or less controllable (and the failure that inevitably results and reduces certainty psychologically)
__ Stop expecting perfection (or lack of failure, mistakes).  Allow a 20% "human" allowance factor, which gives you more than enough to live your life.


__ Knowing there is and will be enough in life, such as in What I Have, For Sure.  (Yes, there is "enough", absolutely, so don't bypass this one!)
   __ Gratitude exercises.
__ Knowing you have a safety base of "enough", so that you can "safely" risk the rest.
__ Having a firm baseline in life and not expecting unrealistic standards to be met.
__ Not allow "conditional" to be the determinant, not depend on conditions
__ Knowing I am capable of producing results that will assure I am ok, at the core, and that stuff happens,but  still ok. 
__ Knowing that I am "in-charge" of my life. I am responsible, period.  ...And not having any dependency hopes.
__ Knowing I'm ok, not unworthy.   (Best to know that the concept of "worthy"   is fallacious and ethereal and often meaningless!)
__ Having the realization that uncertainty is not threatening, just an opportunity for a possible bonus in life, or not.  Getting rid of the generalization that all risks are the same and/or more important than they actually are.


__ Affirming core truths of what I know. 

__ Declaring absolutely untrue, strongly and clearly, that which is untrue.

PRACTICES (Include from above:  Daily Grounding.)

__ Use the certainty anchors:  Repetition, practices, rituals.

Link to, do

Use the search engine to find relevant info on each of these. 

Enter the terms, for non-linked items, into the search engine  for a phrase and go to the item!!!!!

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The goal

"Sufficient" Psychological Certainty    

Know you'll "get there"

The Only Path To The Greatest Life - Guaranteed and very doable, one step at a time.

   Decided - Rules, Standards, values
   Scheduled, time allocated
   Powerful, definitive statements
Building solidly
    Learning systematically, skill increasing
    Habits, "procedures", practices of
        regularity, certainty
Clarity - What is of value and what isn't 
Perspective based on reality, knowing life
Insure predictability
...more,, below

Writing out the the opposite of the uncertainty statements
A definite schedule, set of rules, rituals
Learning about emotions, defining
   Reworking beliefs, dumping faux fears
Learning about (making clear) life and how it
   works, dumping irreality
Establishing "safety" from "out there"
Stopping doing anxiety producing behaviors
   Multitasking, rushing, no "space"
   Randomly operating
Correct, dump destabilizing stories
Dump negativities barrages
Stop, replace fatiguing practices
Stop doing the irrelevant, valueless
...more, below